Does WWE Need A "Golden Girl"?

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Does WWE Need A

Recent happenings in the WWE have left the WWE Women's Division in a complete state of disarray. When Melina was sidelined, a large gap was left in the quality of matches we were receiving each week in the Raw Diva's Division, and it didn't help that WWE wasn't that interested in making the division great again. Although Raw was falling, SmackDown seemed to be rising.

"Piggie James" was keeping the fans interested and happy. Mickie James was still very over with the fans, and she kept us watching. After feuding with LayCool in a highly publicized storyline, Mickie James was shockingly released. The top woman in the company was let go, and in quite a controversial fashion. The WWE didn't even let her say her goodbyes, but that didn't slow SmackDown down one bit.

Akin to the "Piggie James" storyline, Beth Phoenix entered into a feud with LayCool in which LayCool's primary insults were calling Beth a man. "Manazon" became their trademark nickname for Phoenix, and it helped Beth get over. Not only did she get over, she became the most over face, Diva-wise, in the entire division. The fans loved her, and a second "Chyna," if you will, seemed to be growing in Phoenix. She had a special connection with the fans, just like The Ninth Wonder of The World did.

After feuding with LayCool and winning her third, as well as most momentous, title, tragedy struck again. The Fabulous Firebird was sidelined with an injury just as Melina was. Eerily, it was the exact same injury Melina was put on the shelf with, and it didn't look good for The Glamazon, or the Women's Division.

Up until that point, we Diva fans had something to look forward to each week. There was a good, solid, over storyline that was keeping the Divas Division steady, but Beth's injury ended that. So the top two Divas in the division were gone, and it was left in a state of confusion. WWE didn't seem to care enough about the division to give us a full-blown storyline, and each week was as uninspired as the previous one.

Before the two were sidelined you have to think, "Why was WWE entertaining, if in the least, at that time?"

I believe the reason is quite simple. There was a Golden Girl. Before this era, Trish Stratus was undoubtedly the Golden Girl of the WWE. She had the look, the ability, the charisma, and just about anything and everything else WWE wanted. She was pushed to the moon, winning a record-setting seven Women's Championships. After she left, WWE scrambled to find their new "it" girl in 2007.

Candice Michelle seemed to be groomed for that spot, taking on the role of Trish Stratus perfectly, but injury ended her career. After that, Mickie James took on that role, dominating the women's wrestling scene for nearly four years. Then WWE did what no one saw coming—they released her. Although many say it was due to their displeasure with her appearance, I believe it was due to her outside ventures. She was becoming bigger than the company, much like Trish Stratus, but they didn't want that this time.

Melina seemed to be sharing the Golden Girl spot toward the end of 2009, even being sent over to the "A-show" and being traded with Mickie James. That showed WWE's confidence in her to head the division, but injury took her off of her spot as well. Finally, there was Beth Phoenix. She was the most over woman in the entire WWE. Fans loved her, she had all the ability in the world, and of course, she was a sure-fire hit. That is, until injury struck.

The point is that when WWE has their top women to turn to the women's division seems to have some sort of direction, but not anymore. I'm not saying it was all sugar and spice when Trish left, because we all know it wasn't. But as I stated, it did seem to have some sort of direction.

If you don't believe me, let me take you on a trip down memory lane:


Candice Michelle

She feuded with Melina for the title, earning a big fan base and a good arsenal of moves in the process. Then Candice went on to feud with Beth. They had great matches in 2007, and everything was looking up...until injury struck.


Mickie James

Mickie feuded with almost everyone. Melina, Beth, Michelle. And they all got some type of promo time. In 2008, WWE looked to be trying to make their women's division what it was before Trish's retirement, having Melina, Beth, and Mickie feud between each other. It was Melina's unfortunate injury that abruptly stopped this massive growth, but WWE still had Beth and Mickie feud.



In 2009, Melina feuded with Michelle McCool over the women's title nearly the entire year. They turned out two classics at The Bash and Night of Champions, with Melina later being traded for Mickie on Raw. The A-lister was set up to feud with the French-Canadian Beauty, Maryse, but her ACL injury stopped her.


Beth Phoenix

Finally, there was Beth Phoenix, clearly the most over woman since Trish Stratus and Lita. She feuded with Michelle McCool over the women's belt as well, but we know how that ended.

So the question is, if WWE needs a "Golden Girl" to be at the center of the division, who is their Golden Girl now?

Instantly one would think of Michelle McCool, but I'm not so sure. Yes, she's been pushed like crazy for the past few years, but she never had it all, so WWE never really utilized her in everything.

Michelle has made a lot of history in the past few years, but she's never been seen as No. 1. Why, you ask? It's because she was never as well-rounded as her cohorts. She has the in-ring ability, no doubt about that, but she's never had as much charisma or mic skills as say Melina or Mickie James. That's what's held her back from being noticed by everyone as the top gal in WWE. Her teaming with Layla has led to her huge growth in that department, but it's too late for her to be seen as the Golden Girl because LayCool is a package deal.

Another possible Golden Girl is the returning Melina. Many would say her being pushed directly to the top of the division as champion is enough to solidify her place as the top Diva in WWE, but she's constantly berated by fans for some reason. They don't seem to want to accept her ability ever since Bret Hart complimented her, and it's beyond me as to why that's happened.

Also, WWE doesn't use her in advertising, and I think they just gave her the title because she's more experienced than all the girls on Raw. Actually, she's been with WWE the longest out of all the girls in the entire company, so it would be a no-brainer to have her carry the Raw Divas Division.

Right now, there's no clear-cut woman on top of the division. But as asked in the title, does WWE really need one?


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