Redskins End Road to Canton, Jim Zorn Begins Road to Super Bowl

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 4, 2008

Could you have a better start?

After the Hall of Fame game, Jim Zorn couldn't feel better. Someone who was new to football would never know that Jim Zorn was a rookie head coach making his debut. In the way he carried himself Jim Zorn reminded most of a veteran head coach, not the former QB coach from Seattle that he was.

Yet after the months of anticipation from Redskins Nation since his hiring, Jim Zorn delivered a win with the crisp quarterback performances that he had promised all along.

Yes, it was one game, but it said a lot. By achieving a convincing victory Sunday night, Jim Zorn proved that he's more than the inexperienced QB coach everybody thought was incapable of leading a team.

He proved that he has big plans for the Redskins, and it's working. He proved he can gain the admiration of his team and mold them into a dangerous force. The near flawless performance of his QBs proved that for him.

Yet, Jim Zorn has just started.

Jim Zorn knows better than to fall into the trap of preseason optimism. He has one place in mind, and it's a place we will all see this February, it's Tampa Bay, it's the Super Bowl. Now Jim Zorn has finished the perfect road to Canton with a win to give to the beloved Redskins fans who stole the show that weekend.

He is now beginning the road to an NFL championship along with 31 other hopeful teams. I will be excited to see what happens in the next, and the following years, and I believe the road will ultimately end in one way. And it doesn't involve an unhappy Dan Snyder firing another coach.