5 Things The WWE Could Do With Darren Young

Tyler MayerContributor IAugust 20, 2010

Now that Darren Young is "exiled" from the Nexus, there are many things that could happen to the John Cena look a like. Here are 5 of my ideas or situations that I could see occurring.

1) Darren Young is invited back into the Nexus
What could happen here is that Wade Barrett confronts Young and tells him that their beating on him was only a lesson, or a punishment for losing. They let him back in and he rides the Nexus train to some more victories, until they eventually disperse. Why would they let him back in? Well he took on the objective of facing John Cena, and almost won. Maybe the Nexus could find sympathy and the beating was punishment for losing. The group did show some respect when he chose to face Cena, but once he lost, they treated him like a worthless waste. Maybe the harsh treatment was a message to all the members, including Young, that losing isn't an option, and they allow him back in.


2) Darren Young is sent back down to FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling)

This seems the most plausible option, and maybe the most realistic situation. Darren Young does have the potential in the ring, but two things about him would have held him back any big parts in any show in any storyline. First, his hair and his gimmick just couldn't workThe hair made him look less intimidating then any of the other members.


Also, his mic skills were just bad.


He never really talked much, but when he did he seemed to mess up on every little line. The wrestling talent is there, as seen against Cena, but he lacks the Charisma. He can be repackaged and work on all of this in FCW, where they always want guys. They took Nicky from Spirit Squad, repackaged him, and now look, you have the Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler.


FCW can be a much needed second chance.

3) Darren Young and Daniel Bryan join forces as a tag team.
An unlikely option, but still possible. Maybe Bryan comes up to Young, (or Vice Versa), and say they understand now that Nexus isn't what they thought it was, that they are the bad guys all along, and tag team with Bryan, trying to stop the Nexus. There are rumors that Daniel Bryan is going to get a US Championship shot at Night of Champions, so I don't think this could happen.

4) Darren Young Goes Into Singles Action.
Young could be the ultimate jobberso I could see Vince McMahon deciding to just end any progress with his mic skills and character and turn him into a jobber to new talent. However, I believe the WWE would like to develop him a little more before they send him out into Funaki mode. Singles just isn't a good option for Young at this point, especially since he has some potential in him.

5) John Cena and Darren Young team up!

This is the longest shot that long shots could get (if that makes any sense), but WWE might be crazy enough to try it out. Darren Young looks exactly like John Cena (as seen by the picture below), and even Cena noted that he looks like him and could be his mom's love child. What if Cena took Young under his wing and tried to make him into something? I don't think that Young has enough star power to be on the same team as Cena, but with the WWE, you never know.


There are a plethora of possibilities surrounding what could happen to Darren Young. Of the options I thought of, only the first and second option seem the most pliable. However, knowing the WWE, anything can happen. Darren Young's faith will be decided soon enough.