Smackdown Lowdown: Straightedge Debut

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Smackdown Lowdown: Straightedge Debut

Last week Michelle McCool further cemented her team's 'top' status by beating Kelly Kelly on Superstars. It was basically just a filler, but on Sunday LayCool ruined Melina's special moment by basically beating the crap out of her. The following night nothing seemed to come about regarding their attack on Melina, but did more come about this week? Well first, we found out some interesting news regarding Serena:


Serena is backstage with Luke Gallows and Joey Mercury. Gallows and Mercury are saying their not ready to forgive CM Punk for walking out on them. Serena says he was trying to teach them a lesson. She says they need to prove that they're still strong as a team, and that they have the perfect opportunity tonight against Big Show and Kelly Kelly. Punk then walks in, basically telling them they have to win tonight or else they're out of the Straightedge Society.

I quite liked that segment. I find it funny that Mercury said Serena's not ready to wrestle, because the girl is a sensation in the ring. She's wrestled countless matches, and is still very young, so it's laughable that he said that. Tonight is Serena's debut match in the WWE, and I have to wonder, does this mean Serena will be wrestling on a regular basis? Whatever the case, watch that match below:


Serena and Luke make their way to the ring first, and I love Serena's wrestling gear. I'm not usually a big fan of street clothes for in-ring competition, but it works for Serena because it really does fit her character. Kelly and Big Show make their ways to the ring next. The bell rings and Luke squares off with Big Show first. After being chopped, Gallows tags Serena in. Then Kelly and Serena square off.

K2 riles up a nice crowd reaction, being kicked in the gut and pounded on the back afterwards by Serena. The Straightedge member gets in Kelly's face, having both her hands slapped away and being forearmed in the face. K2 sends Serena into a corner, again signaling the crowd and going for her patented handspring elbow. Serena telegraphs it, though, sending Kel to the mat with a hard forearm herself.

Serena goes on to kick Kelly in the midsection, going for the pin but getting no win. She goes on to pound on Kelly some more with two knees to the back for two. Serena gets in K2's face again, asking her "How does that feel?!" before taunting the crowd with the Straightedge symbol. She locks in a modified headlock on Kelly, but the crowd starts cheering for K2 once more. Kelly finally fights out of the submission maneuver with a jawbreaker.

Serena tries to hit a tackle in the corner, only meeting theturnbuckle in return. K2 then goes on an offensive streak, hitting a Lou Thesz press, spinning headscissors takedown, and facebuster. Luke Gallows breaks Kelly's pin up, and as Big Show takes care of him Kelly sets up her finisher. Serena reverses, though, hitting a gutbuster for the pin and the win.

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That was a nice little encounter. As I stated before Serena is a master in the ring, so I didn't doubt her coming out with a good match. I would've liked to have seen more, of course, but I liked what Kelly and Serena did with the amount of time they were given. I don't get why Gallows and Big Show were there, because it was pretty much Kelly and Serena the whole match. Still, the storyline needed it, I guess.

Whatever the case, I'm glad Serena finally got to wrestle. WWE has an amazing talent in Serena, so I'm glad they finally utilized her. Don't get me wrong, I love the way they brought her in, and I like her spot in the company. It's just a match here and there from her wouldn't be so bad now and then. It's sort of like they gave us a treat today.

Overall, a good in-ring debut for Serena. That wasn't the only Divas screen time for the night, folks, oh no! We also got a LayCool promo backstage, and I think you're gonna' like this....:


LayCool basically just go on one of their usual spiels, except this time it's on Melina. They talk about how Teddy Long is angry at them for attacking her before teasing that they have a good plan in store.

Well, although not a big step, it still is a step forward with this whole LayCool and Melina feud. I don't know why exactly, but I find the dynamic between the three girls quite interesting, especially considering how much growth LayCool has had. Last year when Melina was dealing with these two, Layla was undoubtedly Michelle McCool's lackey. She wasn't on the same level as Michelle. But this year, Layla is on Michelle's level.

They're the 'it' team. The ones to beat. The top two Divas in the WWE. Their gimmick is pretty over with the fans, and Melina is definitely over with the fans. Moving on to Melina, as I stated before, she's over with the fans. But it's really quite a feat considering she barely got any promo time to get over with them. She's a great wrestler, manager, and all-around worker, so needless to say, things have gone up for the A-lister.

To be honest, this feud seems like a 'main event' Diva feud to me. And that's something I haven't felt in a long, long time.

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