Kentucky Wildcats: Knight VS. Wall, Unfair Comparison?

Tom PhelpsContributor IAugust 20, 2010

NEW YORK - APRIL 17:  Brandon Knight #11 of East Team holds the basketball during the National Game at the 2010 Jordan Brand classic at Madison Square Garden on April 17, 2010 in New York City.  (Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images for Jordan Brand Classic)
Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Brandon Knight put on a show in a three game exhibition series earlier in the week.

This left many people drawing comparisons between him and last year’s sensational point guard John Wall. Many national writers have chimed in, saying such comparisons are unfair to Brandon Knight.

Fair or not, is not the point. It is something that is going to happen no matter what is written on the subject. Brandon Knight displayed an ability to control the ball with a speed that is rare. Many commented about this during the games. Some people went so far as to say Brandon Knight may be better than John Wall.

I agree with the national writers on their overall point. True, it was just three games in August, and we will need to see if he is capable of performing this way come February. But as with the NBA draft, the people were pointing towards the potential. The NBA draft is said to draft players not based on current status, but through the prospective of what they may potentially become.

And this is what had UK fans talking. The three games showcased the lightning speed, the ability to score in traffic, and a good stroke from behind the arc. Place these attributes, with a great sense of decision making, and one can see why the comparisons are being made.

Fellow teammate Josh Harrellson was quoted as saying “Brandon is able to see things on the basketball court, that others don’t see”. However, such an observation is not surprising given the fact that Knight’s academic performance is good enough to gain admissions to any college he desires. Ivy League schools, such as Harvard, would have loved it if he had chosen them.

However, Brandon Knight has chosen to pursue basketball, a decision that 99.9% would make ourselves, given such an opportunity. Some national writers have pointed to some flimsy observations to try and reinforce their opinions. Some hold that John Wall would have never attended college if it were not for the NBA rule restricting high school graduates from entering the draft. They point out that John Wall would have been a top ten pick in last year’s draft, and no such predictions were made of Brandon Knight. This is true, but given the situation that Wall did attend college, then a comparison can be made.

Some believe, John Wall is a once-in-a-decade type of talent. This may be true, John Wall has unlimited potential as a NBA point guard, but fair or not, he will be the standard that other UK point guards are measured. But what is amazing, Brandon Knight could equal the feats that John Wall set at UK.  

Potentially, Knight may be a better collegiate player than Wall.

Yes, it is true; we have got to see more, especially against higher talent. But there are a few things to take away from August observations, and that is how quickly Knight picked up the system, and how his talent may be better balanced in the early going, than that of his predecessor.