Ranking the year's pay per views from worst to best

Andrew T.Contributor IAugust 20, 2010

Ranking the year's pay per views from worst to best

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    This year WWE has produced some great pay per views and some truly bad ones, lets see how they stack up with each other.


    Before we get started for any naysayers that would like to criticize my lack of pictures, this article is not for you, I started writing for BR 2 days ago and am still learning the ropes, plus my computer is a dinosaur I know how to upload it simply won't let me. For anyone who thinks my slideshow sucks for lack of pictures... I've got two words for you. Can it.

Number 8: Over The Limit

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    This overall was a terrible card. Big Show and Jack Swagger was one of the worst championship matches I have ever seen. The WWE championship match was much too predictable and Kofi and Drew were not given enough time. They needlessly renamed a pay per view with no gimmick, overall I gave this pay per view a huge thumbs down



Number 7: Fatal Four Way

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    I am not a huge fan of fatal four ways and this card showed why. The pay per view failed to mlive up to its name, with 4 of the seven matches not fatal 4 ways. We also were "treated" to 5 title matches, this isn't night of champions!  Plus going off the air 25 minutes early didn't help



Number 6: Extreme Rules

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    How can you have extreme rules with no blood? Gone are the days of vicious chair shots, barbed wire, thumbtacks, 2 by 4's, fire, and keyboards (yes I said keyboards) This event was derived from ECW one night stand. In ECW fans would bring whatever they could get their hands on... a keyboard, a crutch, a kane, and the wrestlers would use it. Now our version of extreme includes strap matches and matches won with duct tape. The last extreme match I have seen was Shane McMahon versus Randy Orton at No Way Out 2009, decent card but simply did not live up to the name.



Number 5: Royal Rumble 2010:

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    Neither Superstar coming into the pay per view held their title until wrestlemania, the many title changes disappoint me. While I enjoyed the star power in the Royal Rumble, Men like CM Punk, Triple H, and HBK were eliminated too early. And since when can a woman eliminate a 7 foot 3 420 lb monster? By the way... just my personal opinion, I hate any championship match rey Mysterio is in.



Number 4: Summerslam 2010

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    This would have been a stellar show if not for the fact that Summerslam is WWE's second biggest pay per view of the year, it should be number 2, not number 4. This had a mere 6 matches bI enjoyed the 7 on 7 match but once again Cena over came the odds and blah blah blah... Both championship matches were decent, however as I said before I dislike Mysterio



Number 3: Elimination Chamber 2010

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    I've always loved Elimination Chamber matches and these didn't disappoint. I loved The fact that Chris Jericho won, I honestly thought Undertaker would retain and face HBK for the world title because we all knew they would go at it again. I enjoyed the intercontinental and US title matches, especially Drew and MVP's performances. The only slight hiccup was team LayCool, but everyone needs a bathroom break.



Number 2: Money In The Bank 2010

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    I greatly enjoyed the matches on this card, I like how Sheamus won, and Cena showed a dark side, I liked how Kane surprised us and won and then cashed in. I enjoy The Miz biding his time, Jack Swagger looked good losing and I'm glad they took the belt off Rey.


    If you want to read more on my opinion of Money in the bank Here is my article



Number 1: Wrestlemania 26

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    Is there any other Pay Per view that should be number one? This showed a great MITB, a fantastic world heavyweight championship match, a dream wwe championship match, A great match between the WWE's Past and it's future and a proper sendoff for the Heart Break Kid. It shouldn't have ended any other way.



In Conclusion:

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    Once again I apologize for the lack of quality pictures, please don't bash me too badly