Kyle Ortons Extension: Great Move On Many Levels

Pete WilliamsCorrespondent IAugust 20, 2010

ENGLEWOOD, CO - AUGUST 18:  Quaterback Kyle Orton #8 and long snapper Lonie Paxton #66 of the Denver Broncos head to the field under the midday sun for training camp practice at Dove Valley on August 18, 2010 in Englewood, Colorado. The forecasted record high tempuratures hovered in the mid ninties during the afternoon session.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

While many commenter's have doubted McDaniels QB moves, I think McDaniels again shows us that he knows how to play the contract game. And as I have written before the QB situation in Denver just keep making sense.

The 1 year extention of Kyle Ortons contract is a great move because it makes sense on so many levels:

  1. Security at the position - Orton is the best QB in Denver right now, and you want to award him and show the team that if you play well, puts team first and produce you will be taken care of.
  2. You only make it a one year extension, you want to make Orton keep working hard and you definitely want Tebow to know that he is the long term solution.
  3. A lot of pressure will be taken off Tebow - he has enough pressure on himself as it is - now Tebow can progress at a unforced speed.
  4. Extending Orton makes him a great trading object after the 2010 season - if that is what McDaniels wants. Marshall or not, Orton looks like he is going to have better season than in 2009. If Orton throws for 3500 - 4000 yds and shows that he can run McDaniels complicated schemes, his trade value will rocket.
  5. McDaniels can still keep Brady Quinn happy, because if Quinn can show he is the better QB, then he can trade Orton. If Quinn doesn't work hard to improve, then McDaniels has Orton.
  6. The best part of it from a Broncos franchise point of view is that the extention was pretty cheep - considering all the problems it took away and alle the posibilities it opened.
  7. Kyle Orton has put himself in a perfect position for landing that long term deal for big bucks. He knows he isn't going to get it in Denver if Tebow works out, but now he has all the opportunities to show of his abilities and potential.

In conclusion I think McDaniels shows that he was a great student of Belichick and that he has an eye not just for the game, but also for the management side of building a franchise.