2011 Free Agents: Why Carl Crawford to the Yankees Is a Bad Idea

Nick Santa MariaContributor IAugust 19, 2010

2011 Free Agents: Why Carl Crawford to the Yankees Is a Bad Idea

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    As the baseball world slowly starts to enter September, one must think of the 2011 free agency.

    Huge names enter this year's offseason including Cliff Lee, Adam Dunn, Paul Konerko, Derek Jeter (we all know where's he's going), and All-Star Outfielder, Carl Crawford.

    Carl Crawford can make any team better, literally. He has so much talent that he currently is the best "five-tool" player in baseball.

    We all know the Yankees will sign one big name superstar. But I hope it's NOT Carl Crawford.

    What?! As an avid Yankee fan, I'l explain why he's a bad fit for the Bronx Bombers.

The Yankees Don't Need Him

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    Yes, I said it. They don't need him. 

    Why? Two words: Brett Gardner.

    Brett Gardner has all the makings to be the next Carl Crawford. Gardner has hit for a high average for his second full year in the big leagues. He may not be better in the power department, but he is clutch in many situations. 

    Gardner also may not be as fast as Crawford. However, Brett Gardner is easily in the top five of fastest players in the MLB.

    Let's say for some strange reason, the Yankees do sign Crawford. Who sits? Certainly not, Curtis Granderson or Nick Swisher. Brett is the odd man out. 

    Curtis Granderson is also extremely fast and Nick Swisher is having an incredible year both offensively and defensively.

    Brett Gardner has one of the brightest futures to become a Yankee star.

He's Too Expensive

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    Without a doubt, we all know the Yankees are going to be the front runners in the Cliff Lee race. 

    I'm expecting at least a seven year, 160 million dollar contract. This is already outrageous, but nothing is outrageous when working with the Yankees.

    Carl Crawford is going to be expecting at least a 100 million dollar contract over the course of many years. 

    Going back to my previous point, they don't need him. He is way too expensive.

    Then again, is the word expensive even in the Yankee dictionary?

Already An All-Star Team

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    Let's face it. If the MLB really wanted too, they could just throw the Yankees on the field for the All-Star Game.

    How many of them were on the team this year? Six? Seven? Come on now, thats ridiculous!

    Carl Crawford is a great outfielder, but this already is an "all-star" team.

    Don't get me wrong Yankee fans, I'm sure if Crawford was brought upon board, he do wonders. It's just a foolish move given all the wasted talent (Gardner) and money it brings upon.

Bonus: Likely Destinations, Tampa Bay Rays

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    Carl Crawford loves Tampa Bay. He does really well at Tropicana field and is a definite fan favorite. 

    He's home grown talent, hits for a high average, steals tons of bases. I think Crawford will return based on these factors alone.

    By the way, playoff contention only increases the odds of his return.

Boston Red Sox

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    God, I hope this doesn't happen.

    The Red Sox are not far behind in the Carl Crawford race. Multiple sources say the Red Sox will pay huge money to Crawford to improve the outfield.

    Crawford has done fairly well at Fenway. After adjustment, I'm sure he'd be great at for the Red Sox.

    As a Yankee fan, just thinking about the speed of Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford makes me cringe.

Los Angeles Angels

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    This is where I personally want Crawford to end up. The Angels could definitely use a guy like Crawford to put them back upon the throne of the AL West. 

    All-Stars such as Dan Haren and Torii Hunter makes recruiting Crawford a whole lot easier.

    An outfield of Carl Crawford, Torii Hunter, and Bobby Abreu secures the one of the best in baseball.

    Thanks for reading!