NFL Cheerleaders: Ranking the Hottest Cheerleaders by NFL team.

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NFL Cheerleaders:  Ranking the Hottest Cheerleaders by NFL team.

Looking at all the rankings on here I realized there were no rankings for NFL cheerleaders.  Now this is not the hardest topic I have covered, but definitely the most enjoyable- for obvious reasons. 

The NFL has a tradition of striving for excellence in everything they do all the way down to a team's cheerleaders.  They even get voted into the Pro Bowl, for God's sake.  

I will try to be as objective as possible, or as much as one can be while looking at women in short skirts and hand towels for tops.

The thought crossed my mind of creating some sort of point system based on overall physical beauty and talent, but halfway through looking at each team's cheerleaders I lost focus and decided to just let the pictures do the talking.

So here goes nothing.  Not the best evidence of my writing abilities (for that read my other articles) but with these type of lists writing gets lost in all the pictures.  

Ask everyone who has ever opened up a playboy if they read the articles in there...they'd be lying if they told you they did so why waste my time trying to justify my reason behind the ranking; in the end, I'm lucky if the caption or even this intro gets read.

If your still reading this then I was wrong, some people do buy playboy for the articles.

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