We're Back Baby: Illinois Football Ready to Go in 2008

Dan SnodgrassCorrespondent IAugust 4, 2008

The Fighting Illini return this season with head coach Ron Zook and their amazing quarterback.  Yes, that's right—I am talking about big No. 7, Juice Williams.

Zook and his Illini team made it all the way to the Rose Bowl last year, which is what a lot of people thought would happen in the middle of the season when they realized how good they really were.

Even though they were beaten by John David Booty and his USC Trojans, my prediction for this season is that the Illini will make it to a bigger bowl game than they made it to last year.  Without Rashard Mendenhall it will be a lot tougher, because he was a huge part of their backfield.

What they are going to have to do this year is really take advantage of Juice Williams' scrambling skills and start training their wide receivers to become more available to where Juice might be.  It sounds like I'm saying that the offense revolves around Juice Williams, and in a way it does.

I know that I will be tuned in this year to watch this team grow, but the question is, will you?