Create Your Own PPV: WWE & TNA Present: Collision Course

Dan KendallContributor IIIAugust 19, 2010

This is my created PPV card, the "create your own PPV card" concept introduced by Chris "The Dude" Mueller. All matches feature WWE Superstars and TNA Superstars, some going one on one against each other. So sit down and enjoy reading... COLLISION COURSE!

Opening Video:
An opening video plays, hyping the PPV. At the end of the video, Vince is in a WWE car, Dixie in a TNA car they collide head on as the Collision Course logo explodes out and the pyro goes off.

Match #1: "Grudge" Match
Randy Orton v Mr Anderson

- A perfect start to a WWE v TNA style PPV. There's reason to believe that Mr Anderson (then Mr Kennedy) was fired from WWE because of Randy Orton complaining about his poor performance during a ten man tag match on Raw. Now Anderson seeks revenge as a member of TNA. Orton's up for kicking anybody's ass, so with two big ego's this match would spark off the night.

Winner: Randy Orton

Match #2: Singles Match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship
Dolph Ziggler (c.) v Jay Lethal

- Two possible future stars for their respective companies, both have a vast range of potential and ability and a fight for the coveted Intercontinental Title could really bring out the best in them. No stipulations needed for these two. Ziggler looks the favourite but Lethal has the edge and brings the IC Title to TNA.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Jay Lethal

Match #3: Four Corner TLC Match for the WWE & TNA Tag Team Championships
MCMG (c.) v The Hart Dynasty (c.) v Team 3D v Edge & Christian

- Three of the best current tag teams around plus and old favourite in Edge & Christian, the mouthwatering prospect of seeing the legendary Team 3D, a tag team who never fail. MCMG who have masses of ability and a tag team legendary status is there for the taking. The Hart Dynasty - the perfect combo of strength and athleticism and Edge & Christian, well no more need be said.

Winners and new WWE & TNA Tag Team Champions: Edge & Christian

Match #4: Hell in a Cell Match
Kane v Mick Foley

- It happened once before, on Raw in 1998. After 7 minutes it ended in a No Contest. So, why not get to see them go at it as fully accomplished legends with nothing stopping them from fighting all night long! These two have put their lives on the line for WWE time and time again, and without being cruel, why not have a last send-off and see these two do battle inside the most unforgiving structure ever demised, the Hell in a Cell.

Winner: Mick Foley

Match #5: Submission Match
Daniel Bryan v Kurt Angle

- Two submission machines!! But they're more than just that, Angle and Bryan are two of the most gifted in-ring wrestlers ever to have stepped foot inside the squared circle. With so many possible submission holds to be used by both men and the fact that you rarely see either man tap out, someone will at Collision Course, however, it's not who you expect, a huge upset is to occur and Angle feels the wrath of one to many Crossface's for one night.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Match #6: TNA Knockout Championship
Angelina Love (c.) v Beth Phoenix

- Arguably the best diva either company has to offer. The divas have been under sceptical criticism in recent times particularly in WWE, now's the time to shut the critics up and put on an awesome match.

Winner and still TNA Knockout Champion: Angelina Love

Match #7: Buried Alive Match
Undertaker v Abyss

- I nearly thought of having a tag team Buried Alive Match including Kane on Taker's team and Foley on Abyss's team. But that just felt wrong so instead why not have the two most scary superstars either company has to offer and bury one of them alive?

Winner: Undertaker

Match #8: Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Samoa Joe v Chris Jericho

- Two gods in the ring. Along with Angle and Bryan these two are up there with the greatest wrestlers of all time, one fall just isn't enough to settle these two so instead two falls is needed to win this match and although Samoa Joe is a huge fan of mine, Jericho gets the nod.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Match #9:  Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship
Sheamus (c.) v Wade Barrett v Triple H v CM Punk v Rob Van Dam v Jeff Hardy

- One of my favourite gimmick matches in sports entertainment, the Elimination Chamber. Four WWE stars, two TNA stars going at it for the Sheamus' WWE Title. Agreed these aren't the best six to ever grace a wrestling ring, but they're all damn good! The champion Sheamus is a shock first elimination after a Five Star Frog Splash, and a GTS from Punk eliminates Barrett. However, Hardy extracts revenge on Punk from SummerSlam '09 with a Swanton Bomb but a Triple H pedigree to both RVD and Hardy sees him win the WWE Title and become a World Champion for the 14th time.

Winner and new WWE Champion: Triple H

Match #10: "Face of Sports Entertainment" Match
John Cena (w/ Vince McMahon) v AJ Styles (w/ Dixie Carter)

- Cena is the poster boy of WWE and Styles for some time, if not so currently, has been the poster boy for TNA. Although Cena plays more of a babyface role, McMahon acts as a more of a heel character in Cena's corner and vice-versa for Styles & Dixie. Evening them out as both tweeners. During the match the ref. is knocked down and Vince threatens to hit Dixie until Paul Heyman, yes Paul Heyman! Runs down and makes the save, AJ Styles hits Styles Clash as Heyman pulls off a referee's shirt and looks to screw Cena just like he did at One Night Stand '06. Hulk Hogan then comes down and Heyman invites him in to watch this momentus occasion. But Hogan turns on Heyman and TNA, Cena recovers, hits the F-U on Styles, the ref. is back up to make the count and Hogan, McMahon and Cena finish off the show in contreversial but certainly gripping TV style.

Winner: John Cena

Hope you enjoyed my created PPV - Collision Course!


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