Hard Knocks Episode Two: 10 Things Learned From This Week's Show

Leroy BridgesContributor IAugust 19, 2010

Hard Knocks Episode Two: 10 Things Learned From This Week's Show

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    After one of the most highly anticipated season of "Hard Knocks" kicked off a week ago, episode 2 with the New York Jets didn't disappoint. At the center of it all was the preseason showdown between the Giants in the New Meadowlands Stadium.

    By now everyone has seen Eli Manning's head gushing blood and heard about rookie Victor Cruz's three touchdown catches in the Giants' 31-16 win. But what else happened during the week of the Jets' first preseason game? Here are 10 things we learned from the second episode of "Hard Knocks" with the Jets.

No. 10: Mark Sanchez Will Never Meet Mark Brunell's Daughter

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    Quarterback Mark Brunell likes the new superstar he's backing up this season in New York, but he won't run the risk of introducing Mark Sanchez to his college-aged daughter. Sanchez, who's 23 years old, is a hot topic with the ladies, including Brunell's daughter who already thinks Sanchez is "cute."

    This light moment with Brunell is one of several glances inside the relationship between the veteran QB and the young star.

No. 9: Antonio Cromartie Names Seven of Eight Kids

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    The former San Diego corner has eight kids under the age of 5 and remembers seven of the eight names, but Antonio Cromartie doesn't name them all that quickly. In about 30 seconds, Cromartie spits them all out, missing just one daughter's name. With a best guess on spelling, they are: Alonzo, 5; Keris, 3; Junior, 3; "my daughter who just turned three;" Tyler, 3; London, 10 months; Lelani, 2; and Jersey, newborn.

    The Jets are hoping Cromartie is as busy on the field this season as he was the past five years off it.

No. 8: There Is Actually Competition at Fullback

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    Sixteen-year veteran Tony Richardson is being pushed by a rookie for the starting job this year. Richardson has been with the Jets since 2008 and made the Pro Bowl after his 2007 season with the Vikings.

    Jets running backs coach Anthony Lynn thinks that by the end of camp, rookie John Conner will the guy. Conner was a fifth-round pick out of Kentucky after earning All-America status his senior year.

No. 7: These Guys Have Food Habits, Too

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    Football fans across America find out they're not the only ones upset about paying an extra 59 cents for a side of ranch. Millionaire quarterback Mark Sanchez hates getting charged the extra little bit for his ranch that he gets added to a pizza order. Oh, and Sanchez loves all things flavored orange, including Tic-Tacs and Icees.

    Also, Rex Ryan is back to old habits when he goes through great lengths to get his buttered popcorn at a local movie theater.

No. 6: Everyone Makes Fun of the Shake Weight

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    Punter Steve Weatherford gets a good laugh by ordering 100 Shake Weights for the team. And if you haven't seen the commercial, you need too. Check it out. As you would imagine, it didn't take long for the players to start dropping euphemisms only 10 seconds into using them

No. 5: Santonio Holmes Playing Role of Mentor

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    Some might not think of former Steelers wide receiver Santonio Holmes as the mentoring type, but he is lending a hand at bringing along rookie running back Joe McKnight. McKnight, who's from USC, has been struggling with mental lapses and Holmes encourages the coaching staff to make McKnight run if he botches a play again.

    The serious segment with McKnight trying to figure things out ends with a teammate joking that McKnight isn't focused because he took a pay cut when he left USC.

No. 4: Defense Could Be in Trouble With Reserves

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    If it wasn't plenty clear during Monday night's game against the Giants that the defensive reserves for the Jets didn't get it done, then coach Rex Ryan got the point across. Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine expressed some concern about the back-ups because some of them will be seeing the field in the regular season.

    Ryan challenged the reserves by saying he knew they had a good group of No. 2s and then asking if they wanted to be a Jet or not.

No. 3: Vernon Gholston Being Motivated

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    Underachieving first-round pick Vernon Gholston gets a bit of motivation after coach Rex Ryan and coach Clyde Simmons organize a fight to be instigated against Gholston. With the hopes of getting Gholston a bit more passion, offensive lineman Robert Turner baits Gholston and the two go at it. Gholston throws Turner to the ground and Ryan thinks this will light a fire under Gholston.

    Gholston has been moved from linebacker to defensive end and so far Ryan isn't disappointed with anything other than his mentality.

No. 2: Rex Still Being Rex

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    Jets coach Rex Ryan heard criticism from all over after the first episode aired with his colorful language that he's used to expressing. Former Colts coach Tony Dungy even went as far as saying he wouldn't hire Ryan because of the language he employed. Well, Ryan didn't really back away from who he is. The total expletive count for the show was 22, including two f-bombs. It did take a good 20 minute to get the first one, but once Ryan gets started he's hard to slow down.

No. 1: Revis Blackout Continues

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    The media blackout that the Jets and Darelle Revis' agents put on the contract dispute between the team and stud corner continued. Revis was barely mentioned in the episode and nothing new was learned about when Revis could return to AFC East contender.

    General manager Mike Tannenbaum did slip in a verbal jab by referring to Revis' camp as a blatant liar.