Eva Longoria Parker: We Know Why Tony Parker's Smiling

Maxx GCorrespondent IIAugust 22, 2010

Eva Longoria Parker: We Know Why Tony Parker's Smiling

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    Welcome Bleacher creatures.

    This is a new edition about the Bleacher Report WAG of the week Eva Longoria Parker.

    Why a WAG of the week? Well, is it something hot there between Thierry Henry and Eva recently? Or is it an alarm for Tony Parker?

    Eva is a famous model and TV/film actress and tied knots with the NBA guard Tony Parker in 2007. She has caught eyes in FHM and also is regarded as one of the most classy and hottest properties in the WAG world.

    Eva, Tony and the MLS star Henry were present in a exhibition match of USA vs France in New York while the sparks flew from the new MLS star to the beautiful women or her curves I must say.

    As the couple told that they were there to watch their "friend" Henry play, but reports flied that Tony Parker may be heading for a move in New York soon.

    Well, then Tony, will you then safeguard your beautiful wife always? Because "friend" likes your wife's curves!!! 

    Time will say all my friends...

Henry Stares and Investigates

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    What is Thierry Henry doing? He can fall down from his seat, but I think that is also not going to stop him from investigating.

    I guess Henry is totally lost in the .... 

    You know better.

    By the way, where is Tony? 

What The Records Say

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    Eva became nationally recognized as a model in 2000s and she became the No. 14 in FHM sexiest women 2008 poll and appeared for numerous men's and women's magazines as a cover girl.

    Cut it now, enough, see the picture closely.

The Desperate Housewife?

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    Perhaps many of us know that Eva was famous for her character Gabrielle Solis in ABC Television series Desperate Housewives.

    If you have seen that, then you must know that the girl in the series was a man charmer and could wrap men around in fingers' click easily.

    In real life, being married to Tony, is Eva turning to be a reckless atractive and super seductive desperate housewife for some new pasture?

    By the way, I too love bicycles.

Just For You

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    As the caption says, this slide I have donated just for you readers or watchers.

    Take a deep look into it. I will not spoil your moments with words.

Go Girl

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    We always wish best of luck to Eva. Whatever she does (whatever I mean), she will always be a beauty to watch or watch-and-touch.

    I know you often fantasize the image of your wet woman but, I guess I hereby give you a new wet and hot dream to go for.

    I wish I could lie under the silver dress.