Skip Caray: An Atlanta Braves Legend

Joe MorganSenior Analyst IAugust 4, 2008

I have always been a diehard Braves fan.

I have been right there with the Braves, every game, for as long as I can remember. Throughout my years as a Braves fan, there have been three things I could always count on: great pitching, October baseball, and the broadcasting team of Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren.

Although the Braves have been down recently, and the quality of Atlanta's pitching is not what it once was, Braves fans everywhere could continue to rely on Skip Caray calling the game.

Skip Caray is certainly a Braves icon and is well known for his love of Braves baseball and his excitement in the broadcast booth.

What Braves fan could forget his call after Atlanta clinched their first World Series title in 1995?

"Swung. Flyball. deep left-center! Grissom on the run...YES! YES! YES! The Atlanta Braves have given you a championship! Listen to this crowd!”

And perhaps the most famous call of Caray’s career at the conclusion of Game Seven of the 1992 National League Championship Series.

“Swung, line drive, left field! One run is in! Here comes Bream! Here’s the throw to the plate! He is...SAFE! BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN! BRAVES WIN! Braves win! They may have to hospitalize Sid Bream. He’s down at the bottom of a huge pile at the plate! They help him to his feet. Francisco Cabrera got the game-winner! The Atlanta Braves are National League Champions again! This crowd has gone berserk!”

Those are just a couple of Skip Caray’s memorable calls in his 33-year stint in the Braves booth.

Caray, the son of Cubs broadcasting legend Harry Caray, and the father of baseball commentator Chip Caray, has teamed up with the likes of Ernie Johnson, the aforementioned Pete Van Wieren, Joe Simpson, and others during his time in the broadcasting booth.

Skip even had the opportunity to broadcast games with both his father and his son.

In recent years, reaching October baseball has become a struggle for Atlanta, and the quality of Braves pitching has dwindled. However, Skip Caray was still there.  

Even though his broadcasts were just recently limited to home games at Turner Field, due to issues with his health, Skip was always there for Braves fans.

Skip Caray calling the game became something that Braves fans could depend on. Caray was a comfort to Braves fans when the team was struggling. Caray was the constant for a changing Braves organization.

The passing of Skip Caray deeply saddens the Atlanta Braves family, as well as the entire baseball community. However, it is an opportunity to look back and be thankful for the dedication and passion Skip brought to his profession every single day.

The legacy of Skip Caray in the Braves broadcast booth will carry on despite his passing. His passion and his love of the Braves set him aside from his peers.

Skip Caray is a true Braves legend. May God rest his soul.