Not a Bench B****!

Cadmar BluntContributor IAugust 19, 2010

 Patrick Crayton is someone that a lot of teams should be looking at, however they don't seem to be. If you look at his numbers you are not blown away but if you have watched him in games then you have seen how many ways he can help a team win. He is a gritty player that will do anything the coach or team ask of him, but ride the pine. Crayton's skills are too great to just sit on the bench and hope for playing time. He has earned the right to play and even start. The problem seems to be that the Cowboys are just asking too much for him and no one is willing to pay up. The 7yr vet is 31 and only has 2 yrs left on his deal and will like be looking for an extention. This is something that is appealing to many teams and even though a lot of teams could use him, they have stopped trying. There are a few teams that have a real chance to make the playoffs but need a solid receiver and should make a move to get him. Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee all could use his service.