Rex Ryan Reacts: Diva Act Creates Unnecessary Noise

Bleacher ReportContributor IAugust 18, 2010

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 16:  Head coach Rex Ryan of the New York Jets looks on during their game against the New York Giants at New Meadowlands Stadium on August 16, 2010 in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
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Remember during last year's Super Bowl when Snickers ran this commercial with Aretha Franklin?

Well, New York Jets' head coach, Rex Ryan, did his best impression of the ad on Wednesday.

However, Ryan wasn't trying to get any laughs.

An emotional Ryan told New York Post writer Bart Hubbuch and other NY media members, that former Indianapolis Colts' head coach Tony Dungy unfairly judged him by criticizing his use of profanities during the taping of HBO's reality series, Hard Knocks, which is documenting the Jets' training camp in Cortland, NY.

"I'm always going to be myself," Ryan told reporters. "And I'm a good person. Just because somebody cusses or whatever doesn't make him a bad person."

If you need a quick refresher, here's what been playing out:

On Monday, during his usual weekly interview with The Dan Patrick Show, Dungy was asked if he'd seen Hard Knocks this season.

Dungy answered that he had not seen it but was disappointed that he heard Ryan had used large amounts of profanity.

Dan Patrick then asked Dungy if as a head coach he would hire Ryan as an assistant?

Dungy answered he'd probably wouldn't hire someone he felt uncomfortable being around. Dungy also hoped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would address Ryan about the profanity.

Because of those comments, Jets fans are, currently, carrying pitchforks and torches in search of the mild-mannered NBC analyst and ready to place him on a guillotine.

The fan and media reaction led to Ryan defending himself and admitting he left a phone message for Dungy asking him to come to Jets' camp and personally see how good of a guy he is.

My question is why? Is this really necessary?

I just think Ryan needs a Snickers bar. Seriously, the guy most likely hasn't eaten since his gastric bypass in March and is a bit moody. Are we sure the AC is on?

Now, I think Dungy went too far saying Goodell should get involved. That's just ridiculous considering HBO is the same network that showed four women sleeping around NYC.

HBO is not curving toward the Tony Dungy demographic.

However, I understand what Dungy is saying when it comes to hiring coaches.

Dungy is a devout Christian who doesn't use curse words and probably doesn't surround himself with people who use harsh language. That's just who he is.

Ryan has proved to be an egomaniac who loves the spotlight and likes to use profanities in his coaching philosophy. That's just who he is.

So, it's understandable that Dungy and Ryan may not be able to work together. Especially if Dungy is the head coach.

Quick sidetrack before readers jump all over me.

I know, I am no Saint. I use profanity. Sometimes, I use it too much and probably wouldn't be Dungy material.

I also know, if Dungy were talking about me, I wouldn't be taking this to the level that Ryan is. Ryan is taking it personally, which is not necessary because Dungy never personally attacked him.

Dungy clearly stated he wouldn't hire someone he felt uncomfortable being around. Which makes sense because I'd do the same thing!

It makes no sense for a boss-coach-manager-person in charge to hire someone who would make him feel uncomfortable and hinder him from doing their job.

They'd be worried about what their assistant is doing or saying and not what they should be doing.

Now, if Ryan was the head coach, it's a different story.

Ryan would have the power and Dungy would have to deal with the profanity. However, that wasn't the question Dungy was asked.

Dungy answered the question honestly and is now getting unnecessary backlash from Ryan, New York Jets fans (the scum of the universe—sorry, I've hated the Jets since I was eight years old), and NY media.

Dungy's job is to answer questions, which he does with refreshing honesty. He doesn't lie and, since he became an analyst, doesn't give a lot of cliched answers. Neither does Ryan. Which is part of the problem.

Being honest and refreshing isn't worth it. At least, not anymore with the 24-hour sports news cycle—as documented in this column by Miami Herald writer Dan Le Batard a few weeks ago.
Today, everyone in sports needs to stick to cliches and keep their words out of the media.

Hell, even the media needs to keep their words out of the media!

The saddest part of this "story" is it shouldn't be a story.

Dungy was asked a question. He answered it honestly. End of story.

Ryan's concern of how Dungy perceives him is very high school-ish, at least I think so.

His only concern should be his team and trying to win the Super Bowl, which he's almost guaranteed NY fans. The only opinions he should care about are ones from family, friends, players, and his boss. That's it.

In the end, Dungy will call back Ryan, the two will talk, Dungy will say he was wrong for judging him—because that's what Dungy does—and Ryan will look for another way to sneak into the spotlight.

At least, Aretha had the resume to backup her diva acts.


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