Notre Dame's Top Five Players Committed for 2011

Collin O'Connor@@BarkofhinklehhrCorrespondent IAugust 18, 2010

Notre Dame's Top Five Players Committed for 2011

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    Charlie Weis came and left with a disapointing ending to the end of his tenure as Notre Dame coach. A man who will always be remembered as the tubby guy who coached them through Notre Dame's worst seasons went back to where he belongs as a coordinator in the NFL.

    Thus bringing Brian Kelly to Notre Dame.

    Kelly obviously has a huge obstacle ahead of him in bringing one of the most historic programs back to national relevance. It is going to be tough, and he knows that.

    He said that it's a five minute plan, not a five year plan. So, the 2011 recruiting class will have a lot of importance if he's going to turn this football team around.

    So, without further ado, here's the top five verbally committed players in Notre Dame's 2011 class so far.

Matthew Hegarty OT

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    The 6'5'' 265 pound offensive tackle from Aztec, New Mexico obviously has the size to be a good collegiate offensive lineman. He has is mainly known for his run blocking at the high school level, but his pass game is also something to brag about.

    Hegarty is known as a tough compettitor with a very strong work ethic. That type of dedication and toughness is what the whole Notre Dame football team is going to need if they are going to be successful in the future.

    Hegarty looks to be a good fit in Brian Kelly's upcoming freshman class on the offensive line. He was also considering USC, Texas, Oklahoma, and LSU.

Aaron Lynch DE

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    This 6'5'' 250 pound defensive end from Cape Coral, Florida is another ESPNU Top 150 recruit. 

    He has the frame and athleticism to be able to make an impact on the defensive end of the football for the Irish in the football. His 4.66 40 yard dash time is just another example of this kid's athleticism coming into college.

    That type of skill will definitely be able to make an impact in the near future on this team, and having a pass rusher that can make a lot of havoc in the passing game is an important key to having a good team.

    Lynch also considered Florida State, Miami, Florida, Alabama, and LSU.

Ben Koyack TE

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    Notre Dame has proven how valuable a good tight end in the passing game can be in the past few years. From Anthony Fasano to Kyle Rudolph, the Irish have been fortunate enough to have just that. Ben Koyack could be the next one in the new line of tight ends in South Bend.

    Standing at 6'5'' and weighing 228, Koyack has tehe frame and athletic ability to be able to go and get balls that other tight ends might not be able to get to.

    He has hands, body control, and ability to go get the ball out of the air. He looks to be a sure fire tight end coming into a team that is stacked at the position. Add another great one to the list, Notre Dame fans.

    Koyack also considered Penn State, Ohio State, USC, Oklahoma, and Pittsburgh.

Anthony Rabasa DE

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    At 6'3'' and 230, he doesn't have the size that Aaron Lynch does, but Rabasa also comes with a complete package and good all-around game.

    He still has pretty good size coming out of high school, and will only get stronger once he spends time with a college program. His explosiveness though, is what Notre Dame fans should be most excited about.

    With his quickness at the line of scrimmage, he was a can't-miss prospect and Notre Dame is very lucky to have him. The one-two punch with him and Lynch could be deadly in just a matter a time. Quarterbacks that are considering going to Michigan or USC are going to know these guys soon enough.

    Rabasa also considered Miami, LSU, Florida, and Florida State.

Jordan Prestwood OT

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    Jordan Prestwood is a 6'6'' lineman who, like Matthew Hegarty who I previously mentioned, has the size and skill set to be a top offensive lineman in the country when he gets to college.

    Prestwood was also being recruited at tight end at some schools, but will probably be a left tackle when he gest to Notre Dame. His all-around game will fit the role perfectly to the system.

    As the Irish are obviously going to need a strong offensive line in the new system, the additions of Prestwood and Hegarty will be a big step for Notre Dame to start back on their journey to being a national power.

    He also considered USC, Florida State, Florida, Alabama, and Auburn.