Clash Of The Shows: TNA Vs WWE

James ChiofaloContributor IAugust 18, 2010

Alrighty guys. I have wanted to write my own PPV card in detail, but I never got the time for it. Now however, I have the time to write this article. I would just like to note something. Most of these will be followed by a small analysis explaining my reasons for why I chose a few of these.


Match 1: ultimate X Match for a chance at a World Title within the respective companies

TNA's competitors: Amazing Red, Suicide, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley
WWE's competitors: Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston and Kaval

Match 2: Match for the IC championship

Orlando Jordan (w/ mannequin) vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Ms Piggy)
This is definitely a choice that people will wonder "WTF???". allow me to explain. Here we have a vain, dirty blonde named Orlando Jordan and then we have a good looking, fit, wrestler who likes saying his own name. this would be a comedy feud of sorts, however it would also involve a good deal of wrestling. both have an amateur background. Both can put on a decent match if given the right materials. I can piucture the promos. Dolph Ziggler saying his name, and OJ repeating the name. First normally, then more and more slowly and seductively, scaring everyone in attendence.

Match 3: Jay Lethal vs John Morrison

Here we are with another apparantly random match. Lets see, we have 2 flashy athletes. One wears a brightly sequined robe, while the other once wore a brightly colored star, the other is a flashy former rockstar. They are both charasmatic, and the crowd enjoys them. They are engery feeders. They are high flyers. they are soulmates.   Okay maybe not soulmates, but this match is one where both sides are very similar, and have the skills that can make this match just fun to watch.

Match 4: Angelina Love vs Gail Kim (Champion vs Champion)
I know that Kim is not the champion but bear with me here. You have 2 brilliatn female athletes. Both of them can wrestle quite well in the ring. I wanted them to be in a match together, but I needed something to spice it up a bit. As a result, I decided to make both of them title holders.l They will be fighting for best female wrestler in the world.

Match 5:  Falls Count Anywheree; Samoa Joe vs CM Punk

This is a match which I saw on a Ring of Honor DVD and I just marked out on. The match is a rigerous contest between 2 stellar athletes. One athlete is a vicious submission maniac. The other is now a ferocious,vengeful cult leader with a Messiah Complex. With these 2 in a falls count anywhere match, this could be a match of the year candidate.
NOTE: My inital idea was have a joe vs Kozlov match, but I decided that Punk and Joe would probably have a more entertaining match.

Match 6: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
Team 3D (w/ Rhino)  vs  Edge and Christian  vs  Matt and Jeff Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore)

This match is a nostalgia match without a doubt, and people may complain about it, however I have a mottot. If it worked the first time, why not do it again. These wrestlers have had 2 of the best matches in WWE history. They are the creators of the TLC match. They specialize in brutality involving such weapons, so why not bring them together for one last time?
The question about tuld Matt and Jeff be in it, and on the same side? For the same reason that Shannon is with them; its the brotherhood. It's the symbolism of how 2 companies can co-exist even as rivals.

Match 7: Last Man Standing Match
Mr anderson  vs  Randy Orton
This match was an obvious on.e you have a real life feud sitting in front of you and you do nothing about it? I don't think so.  I can picture some of the spots. Green Bay Plunge from the apron to the floor. RKO swung into a Mic Check (or vice versa). lunge countered into an RKO. This match would be just FUN

Match 7: Team TNA vs Team WWE
Team TNA: Leaders: Sting and Kurt Angle. Rest of the group: Matt Morgan, Doug Williams, D'angelo Dinero, Desmond Wolfe, Abyss, and Beer money
Team WWE: Leaders: the Undertaker and Chris jericho. Rest of group: the Big Show, William Regal, MVP, Sheamus, Kane, and the Hart Dynasty

This is a feud involving 2 major shows. As a result, there has to be a face off of the brands. If you look at the wrestlers, you will see the parings i have in there. Each of these wrestlers will be involved in a feud with their corresponding counter-part throughout the whole story until it leads to this.

Main Event: I Quit Match

AJ Styles (w/ Ric Flair) vs John Cena
This is a match deserbving fo the main event. We have the faces of the company. We have the wrestlers that have put on some of their respective companies best matches. We have the "Supermen" of their but is time to see who is Superman, and who is Kryptonite. This will be a match to remember, with heavy back and forth action. This will be another match of the year candidate. This match with be PHENOMENAL


NOTE: I didn't include Nexus for ione reason, I wanted Fortune to build Heat. Barrett complains to the guest GM about fortune and the guest GM sets up a match with Nexus being completely squashed. "
I didn't put Daniel Bryan b/c I wanted him to be a part of the AJ/Cena feud. With Cena getting Bryan back into the company (kafaybe) AJ focuses on Cena's favorite, with Fortune taking him out.

That was my list of matches for the PPV. Please respond below guys. Leave comments and such. I personally love this, but if theres a problem, go ahead and tell me. Criticism is good.