New York Mets Jose Reyes' Darker Side

john doeCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

Jose Reyes' style of play is like none other in the game today. Much like his personality, the game that Reyes plays is both fast and skilled...while equally cantankerous. It’s like hopping on Coney Island’s famous wooden Cyclone rollercoaster, the ride you’ll experience is both thrilling and unnerving as the 1870’s wood creaks underneath. Nevertheless Jose Reyes is developing into the type of talent that New Yorkers embrace:  Talented and unabashed in style of play.

So far in 2008 Jose ranks first in At bats; fifth in runs, second in hits (two behind Texas’ Ian Kinsler), second in doubles, and first in triples. He is a demon on the base path, often disrupting many a pitchers rhythm. Owing to the fact that everyone in the party knows he’s going to run.

For all the talent, passion, and production displayed on the field, Jose’s off the cuff style has gotten him into some hot water. During a game in which Reyes sprinted somewhat awkwardly towards the first base bag, Mets interim manager Jerry Manuel decided to pull him out of the game for precautionary reasons. As a result Reyes vehemently argued standing at first pleading his case to stay in. Forcing Manuel to pull him by the uniform towards the dugout as Reyes gesticulated in blunt anger ala John McEnroe. After Manuel succeeded in pulling him, Reyes quickly apologized later in the dugout.

There is no doubt that the passion and recklessness that characterizes what many see as the most exciting player in the game can also serve as a double edge sword for those who watch from the stands and witness the other side of the coin.