Brett Favre: EA Sports Announces Favre Themed Video Game (Humor)

Tyler AdamsContributor IAugust 17, 2010

EA Sports Announces Brett Favre Themed Video Game (HUMOR)

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    TIBURON,Fla.- Video game company Electronic Arts has announced a new football video game due to release in Q4 2010. The video game is said to chronicle Favre's playing career since his first annual retirement.

    The game will take place in Mississippi while Favre throws to no name High School kids who are just giddy to be within 200 miles of Favre.

    The game is said to be released as a downloadable title on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

    EA Sports employee Ian Cummings helped with the preview detailing the game. It will feature three main game modes that include all of the below...

    Mississippi Mode: take control of Favre as he works to prepare for yet another NFL season. 

    Hype Mode: take control of Favre as you send text messages to teammates that will make the media more interested in your final decision. Play your cards right and you will cause a flurry of fans to bombard your front door at your local home.

    Game Mode:  take control of Favre as you comeback to the NFL as a Jet and Viking trying re-establish and learn a new offense.

    During both seasons you will encounter obstacles that you must overcome playing as Favre.

    In one season, you will play with a torn shoulder, and in the other you will lose the ability to run in your final game of the 2009-10 NFL season.

Mississippi Mode

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    In this exciting mode you will take control of NFL great Brett Favre trying to complete tasks in route to preparing for the next NFL season. There will be three missions you must complete before each season in order to advance to decision mode. 

    Throwing Practice - throw to average high school kids as you try to build up arm strength and endurance for the upcoming NFL season. Pinpoint accuracy will help you advance quicker during the practice.

    Running Practice - run to the correct cones in the allotted time as you try to complete the objectives before the time runs out. You will either earn a bronze, silver, or gold medal upon completion of this highly exhilarating drill. 

    Tractor Practice - drive your tractor to relax your mind in preparation for the upcoming NFL season. Staying on the course during the driving will help your prepare for even the most rigorous challenges during the NFL season. 

Hype Mode

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    Throw the media and fans off as you try to do the most you can to build up the drama before NFL training camp.

    In this mode you will send texts, give interviews, and entertain coaches as you try to hype up your return as much as possible.

    You must hype up the media to LeBron James proportions in order to advance on to the next mode. 

    Text Messaging - send texts to teammates and reporters as you try to milk the drama as much as possible. Make your family question your motives for extra bonus points.

    Interview Time - give interviews to any media outlet who pays you more than $1. Try to achieve as much face time as possible to surpass LeBron James' "decision". Gestures such as crying and pausing will cause media members to cling on to your every word. 

    Entertain Coaches - entertain coaches as you try to cause the front office to give you more money. Increased money will cause you to achieve Michael Vick media proportions.

    Letting the coaches touch your tractor will cause you to reach your designated goals quicker.

Game Mode

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    In the most exciting mode play as Brett Favre, and achieve your dream as captain of the New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings. Relive all of Brett's most memorable moments on both teams.

    Moments that include the six-touchdown game, the return to Lambeau, and the interception. Achieve the designated goals to defeat this exciting game. 

    Six-Touchdown Game - defeat the Arizona Cardinals as you throw six touchdowns in route to a large victory of the Cardinals. Throw a no-look touchdown pass to increase your style points in this exciting challenge. 

    Return to Lambeau - return to Green Bay as you play your former team. After you receive boos from fans in the stadium you called home for 16 years, you go on to complete 17 of 28 passes for 244 yards.

    Your four touchdown passes in this game tied Dan Marino's career record of 21 four-touchdown games. Attempting a "Lambeau Leap" will cause your drama score to rise to Namath proportions.

    The Interception -  try to change history as you throw a touchdown in this unusual challenge. Avoid the urge to make the unrealistic play as you throw a touchdown to a wide open receiver down the field. 

Release Date

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    Expect this fantastic video game to be released in early December for a modest $19 to represent the years in the NFL that Favre has dedicated.

    Play this game on your Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 console as you try to relive all of Favre's best moments.