How I Would Push Daniel Bryan

Jackoby CalibanContributor IAugust 17, 2010


Next week on RAW he attacks the Miz in his match and gives him a ddt onto the money in the bank briefcase, then puts Alex Riley in the crossface, Bryan then gets on the mic and says ‘at night of champions Miz you have to put your united states championship on the line’ he kneels down by Miz’s face and says ‘and your looking at the number one contender’. He chucks the mic at the Miz and walks off up the ramp.


The next RAW the camera goes backstage and we see Miz talking to Husky Harris and Joe Henning (he changes his name on NXT the week before), (both were eliminated from NXT the week before), the Miz says that if they become his bodyguards then he’ll make sure they get contracts on RAW, they both agree. Later on that night Bryan has a match against Ted Dibiase, he is setting Ted up for the Cattle mutilation when from nowhere Harris, Henning and Riley attack Bryan costing him the match and leaving him in a bloody mess (hence bringing back blood, as I feel it adds more realism to feuds and matches), the Miz comes out and cuts a promo saying that he is unstoppable and he will become the first WWE and US champion at Night of Champions.


Bryan does not appear on RAW after to sell the attack.


Fast forward to September 19th and its time for the US championship match, Miz enters first with his group and says that Bryan wont even be able to make to the ring after what his stable did to him, Bryans music hits to a huge pop, as he walks down the ramp he says that he got himself some help and out walks The Hart Dyansty and Lucky Cannon (who had joined the Nexus to geta contract only to be kicked out after losing a tag match for them). The match starts and both men go back and forth, Miz goes for a skull crushing finale but Bryan reverses him and gets him in the crossface only to have the ref pulled out of the ring by Alex Riley starting brawl with everyone getting involved, Miz picks up his MITB briefcase and hits Bryan round the head with it, busting the original wound open . Miz drags Bryans carcase back tot the ring and covers him as the ref gets back to his feet, 1, 2, Bryan kicks out to Miz’s astonishment, Miz grabs Bryan but Bryan reverses and again locks in the crossface, as the Miz goes to tap out Husky Harris jumps into the ring and gets the Miz disqualified (sorry it’s a DQ finish). The Miz retains his title but is too beaten to cash in his briefcase that by now is pretty much flat from the amount of times its been used.


Monday comes around and the Miz is in the ring by himself saying about how he would have won the match anyway and didn’t need help from his team mates, when backstage Joe Henning is shown knocked unconscious, Miz speaks again saying that only a weak man has to take cheap shots and that he wouldn’t be able to do the same to him.


Next RAW comes and the same thing happens to Husky Harris, Bryan comes out and says that he’s just evened the numbers a bit, he goes on to say that the Miz should prove that he cant be knocked out by him and says at hell in a cell it will be a last man standing match for the US title and whoever loses will not get a shot at a title the other man is holding, the Miz walks out and accepts the challenge and also carries on to say that he to has evened the numbers, as it goes backstage to see the Hart Dyansty and Cannon lying at the feet of Riley, Riley says that theres no chance of Bryan doing the same to his formers stablemates and so later there will be a match between Riley and Bryan, at that point the GM JBL comes out and says that if Miz interferes with the match next week he will be stripped of his title and will have to give up his MITB briefcase. Bryan goes on to beat Riley and leave him unconscious in the ring to close the show out.


October 3rd and its time for the last man standing match for the US title, both men enter but before the match starts JBL’s music hits and he declares that it will be a hell in a cell last man standing match, the cell lowers. The match starts with a variation of holds and lockups but the Miz takes advantages and hits the reality check for a 3 count the match starts to get ugly as the Miz gets suplexed into the cell wall and is bleeding heavily from his forehead, as the Miz is down he grabs a chair from under the ring and hits Bryan as Bryan gets out of the ring, Miz hits him again and again and again until the chair breaks and Miz throws Bryan back into the ring for  7 count the Miz cant believe it, he picks Bryan up and hits the SCF but Bryan gets up on a count of 9. The Miz gets frustrated and goes for another SCF but Bryan reverses it and turns it into cattle mutilation the Miz taps but there’s no submissions, eventually Miz manages to break free but gets hit by a flurry of punches and a german suplex, leaving Miz motionless on the ground, Bryan taunts to the crowd before hitting a lionsault and turning it into a crossface. The Miz doesn’t even have the energy to tap out and has lost a lot of blood, Bryan releases the crossface and the ref counts to 10. Daniel Bryan is the new United States champion and the Miz has no rematch.


Over the following weeks the Miz cuts promos saying that he didn’t need the US title as he is going on to bigger things, during this time Alex Riley wins a battle royal to become the new number one contender for Bryans title, their match will take place at Bragging Rights.


October 24th Bragging Rights is the PPV and Daniel Bryan will face Alex Riley for the US title. The match is solid with both men kicking out of each others signature move, the match ends when Bryan hits the Lionsault crossface on Riley as Riley taps out instantly, later on that night The Miz cashes in his MITB briefcase successfully on newly crowned champion Randy Orton who beat Wade Barrett in a steel cage match to become WWE champion, he gets on the mic and says that he will not lose the title because he’s the Miz and he’s AWESOME.


The next day on RAW Bryan comes out and says that he will face anyone in the locker room who wants his title, the Miz interrupts and brags about how he won the WWE championship and how as long as he’s champion Bryan will never get a shot. Bryan puts him in the cattle mutilation and says well at least I wont have to wait long for his first WWE title reign.


The next few months go by with Bryan defending his championship with whoever challenged him also he picked up wins over Triple H, Sheamus and Wade Barrett as well as taking John Cena to the limit before losing to the 5 moves of doom. The date is August 14th and Daniel Bryan will face Justin Gabriel in a best of 3 falls match at Summerslam. Gabriel wins the first fall with the 450 splash. Bryan picks up the second fall with the lionsault crossface. Then on the third fall Bryan is about to lock in the cattle mutilation when Mason Ryan the World Heavyweight champion comes out and distracts Bryan in this time Gabriel recovers and hits an STO and then the fall from grace (springboard crossbody) for the win. Later that night Mason Ryan loses his championship to Edge in a loser leaves Smackdown! match. The next RAW it is announced that JBL has signed Mason Ryan to a contract. Mason comes out onto the stage to cut a promo but before he speaks Bryan attacks him from behind with a steel chair and the show ends with Bryan standing over Masons body.


Over the next 2 months he and Mason Ryan have a fantastic feud with them declaring that after 2 months of talk there needs to be some action and JBL once again makes the stipulation that it will be a 5 stages of hell over the next 5 PPVs with each match being different the winner will go on to face the WWE champion at the time, at Wrestlemania. At bragging rights Bryan takes a 1-0 lead by winning a steel cage match by escaping the cage. Mason Ryan drew it level at 1-1 at survivor series in a 5 on 5 elimination tag match after he and Bryan were the last 2 standing, he won by using Goliathbuster (sit out spinebuster). Mason Ryan made it 2-1 at TLC in a TLC match by putting Bryan through then finishing him with the Goliathbuster. At Royal Rumble Bryan made it 2-2 by winning a falls count anywhere best of 3 falls match winning both falls with the cattle mutilation. Finally at No Way Out the final match between these two was a Hell in a Cell 60 minute ironman match in which Mason Ryan won 4-3, Mason Ryan also winning the series 3-2 and will go on to headline Wrestlemania 28.


At Wrestlemania 28 Bryan goes on to face Triple H, where if Bryan loses he has to leave RAW but if Triple H loses he must retire, match is epic near fall after near fall, reversal after reversal H hits a double A spinebuster but Bryan kicks out and hits the lionsault crossface but H gets to the rope. Bryan hits a series of suplexes but H kicks out and hits a pedigree, 1, 2, Bryan kicks out, H goes for another pedigree but Bryan counters and locks in the crossface. As H is about to reach the ropes Bryan pulls him back into the centre of the ring and locks in the cattle mutilation for the victory, he has ended the career of Triple H.


At the next pay per view King of the Ring Bryan wins his way into the main event match against Wade Barrett, Sheamus, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Edge, Jack Swagger and John Cena, for a difference the match will be an elimination match. Dolph Ziggler is the first to be eliminated after a spear from Edge. Edge himself is then eliminated by John Cena’s F-U and STFU. Sheamus eliminates Wade Barrett after 2 broke kicks. John Morrison eliminates John Cena after Swagger hit hit with the gutwrench powerbomb and then Morrisons Starsaults (standing moonsault, then middle rope moonsault, then starship pain) from the pin Swagger gets Morrison in the ankle lock and Bryan gets Morrison in a crossface leaving Morrison with no choice but to tap out. Swagger hits the gutwrench powerbomb but Bryan kicks out, Swagger locks in the ankle lock but Bryan reaches the bottom rope. Bryan then eliminates Swagger with his own ankle lock after hitting a lionsault from the top turnbuckle. Bryan gets a championship match of his choosing at Summerslam.


In the RAWs between the two PPVs there were many encounters between the two both on the mic and after each others matches, both men trying to get the better of one another, a different man winning each battle to keep the possibility of the end result in the balance, the feud that gets the IWC shitting there pants in anticipation and excitement, will Bryan win his first WWE title?


At Summerslam Bryan takes on Randy Orton for the WWE title in another epic match Randy Orton hit every move in his arsenal but Bryan kicked out from them all and Daniel Bryan hit Orton with everything move he’s got but could not get Randy to submit, then after an incredible 30 minute match Randy Ortons RKO was reversed and followed up by the lionsault crossface for the victory and Daniel Bryans first ever WWE championship 2 years since his re-debut, the IWC god has finally won the big one in the WWE and no-one can say that he didn’t deserve it or that he hasn’t done enough to warrant his achievements.


So what do you think would this be awesome or not, its up to you. Comment, rip on it or praise it, I wont take offence.


(JacK Woodbridge)