Brett Favre Is Back, for Better or for Worse

Andrew KaakeCorrespondent IIAugust 3, 2008

It will be official as of 12 PM cheesehead time—Brett Favre has been reinstated on the active roster of the Green Bay Packers. What will this mean? Will he start? Will he be traded? Will football as we know it ever be the same? These are the questions we ponder.

I think it is likely that the Packers will still try to find a good trading option, but at this point, the biggest bridge has already been crossed; Brett Favre is playing football in 2008. Since he is on the team already, I think that Green Bay will at least give Favre a chance to fight for his position as starting QB.

Probably, barring an amazing trade option or Rodgers taking passing steroids, Brett Favre will be starting for the Packers. Will he be able to deliver as well as he did last year? Only time will tell for sure, but with Ryan Grant able to take some of the pressure off, I expect an above-average season for Green Bay—assuming Favre starts, that is.

Regardless of the outcome, the impasse is being resolved, and the sports media will soon have something new to whine about.