Why Wade Barrett Will be WWE Champion Sooner Rather Than Later

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 17, 2010

Although Nexus was defeated at SummerSlam by Team WWE, they proved to the entire WWE Universe that they are legitimate in-ring competitors and that their future is looking bright. The one guy who has been at the forefront of Nexus since its inception has been NXT season one winner Wade Barrett.

In winning season one of NXT, Barrett has earned a title shot for any time. At the TV tapings last night, he announced that he would be cashing in his title shot at Night of Champions in a six-pack challenge for the WWE title. Now, it may sound crazy, but I believe that Wade Barrett will be the next WWE champion and that it will happen at Night of Champions.

Wade Barrett has been in the WWE's minor league since 2007, competing in OVW and FCW. He has really polished his in-ring skills in the past three years and was even was FCW Tag Team champion with current SmackDown star Drew McIntyre.

Barrett impressed a lot of folks on NXT by having several quality matches against somewhat lackluster talent at times, but he proved he can work with anyone and have a pretty good match. After Wade won NXT, he was booked by WWE to start up the Nexus group, and since then, he has been a hot topic within the WWE. Barrett's mic skills are better than most in the WWE because he can aggravate fans without getting flustered like someone like Batista. Barrett's in-ring work is solid, and he gets major heat with Nexus each week on RAW.

Now, I don't see the Nexus angle going on too much longer, because sooner or later, it will get stale, and, quite frankly, only three or four guys in the group actually have the ability to get over in the industry in my eyes. Barrett is the brightest star in the group and I think he could be just as big of a heel as Sheamus. Due to this, I can easily see WWE crown Barrett as champion and as a lone wolf.

Barrett's time is now, and fans better get ready to see a long reign as WWE champion from Wade, because he has what it takes to be successful in the company. The opportunity is here with several key guys leaving or taking time off WWE television, so expect several young guys to get more of a push in the next couple of months—but expect Wade Barrett to get the biggest push of them all by becoming the WWE champion.


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