Going After the Spot With the Fly

Bill TrussellContributor IAugust 17, 2010
Mouth full of Popper
With the bull landed he begin to place the popper at likely spots in the crevasses of the walls landing some small spots and a few more nice bluegills.
Another Gill Popper

We did notice that the small bream wouldn’t have anything to do with the large popper. They were either intimidated by it or it was just too large to suck into their mouth. I know when you are fishing a small popper most of the time you are culling small fish in between catching some quality fish. Today was not the case with the gills, although I must admit we did catch a few small largemouthand some small spots, in the 6” range.
Had to try the bugger

After finishing the long run down the wall we move to our last spot which was a sharp drop off of 40 ft. plus. There was still some shade left in some openings in one of the wall faces so Jason made a nice presentation with the big popper floating down on the surface. With a little twitch and a pop effect on the surface the water exploded and a nice spot inhaled the popper, and headed straight to deeper water.
 Nice Spot Landed 

After numbers of side runs and pretending to be ready to be neted the spot finally ease to the edge of the boat and was lipped. Jason had just landed a 16" spot, which ended a great trip with a quaility fish. Quality spots on Smith Lake are hard to come by, during the hot summer months, and a 16" is a quality Kentucky Spot anyday.