Manny Feelin' the Love in L.A.

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IAugust 3, 2008

I am not a Dodger fan, but a Tiger fan as you can tell by most of my articles. Well, I am on a vacation were I am traveling across country see multiple baseball stadiums along the way.

Stop number five was Dodger Stadium on Saturday, Aug. 2, Manny Ramirez's second game as a Dodger.

Before the game, on his way to stretch in the outfield, Manny appeared from the L.A. dugout and was greeted with a standing ovation and 'Manny' chants.

During the warm ups before the first inning began, Manny acknowledged the screaming fans in left field who waited to greet him. When a fan got his attention and began pointing at him, Manny did as Manny does and began to point back, wiggle his fingers and give everybody a little dance.

"Now batting, the left fielder, number 99...Manny Ramirez", as those words echoed Dodger Stadium, the sell out crowd rose to their feet and got as loud as possible, and Manny responded...with a home run to left-center that measured 428 feet.

The swing of the bat brought camera flashes all over the stadium and the stadium almost crumbled to the ground when the ball flew over the wall. After the inning was over Manny returned to left field and was greeted once again, and he acknowledged.

Later in the game after his single and a run scored, Manny made a running catch at the warning track and hurried the ball back into the infield. After the play the crowd once again started the 'Manny, Manny...' chants.

After the game Manny was interviewed and when asked about what he thought of the Los Angeles crowd Manny said, "The fans are into me and I like that...I like it here, let's see what happens."

I believe Manny Ramirez and the L.A. Dodgers will have a great relationship that will last until Manny wants to retire. The only downside of this for Manny is that he can't talk on the phone in the "Green Monster" during a pitching change.