WEC 50: Brad Pickett To Show Jorgensen Guts, and Non-Stop Action

Sam NassarCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2010

Hard-nosed, brawler, skilled and exciting are all words that we like to have associated with our favorite fighters.  If Brad Pickett is not on your list of dedicated exciting mixed martial artists well you’re just simply missing out.  With the heart of a warrior, the durability of Rocky and the fashion sense of Brad Pitt from Snatch, “One Punch Mickey” can certainly bring the fight.  

 With his third fight in the WEC promotion coming up at WEC 50 Brad Pickett is on a skyrocketing journey to the top of the WEC’s bantamweight division.  When asked what he attributed his success to he stated “I basically go out there and throw it on the line every time I fight, skill set aside I’m a naturally good fighter.”  

Brad’s last outing at WEC 48 the promotions first pay-per-view event was a great coming out party for Pickett.  His last win was a unanimous decision win against then undefeated newcomer Dimitrious Johnson.  “It takes two people to make an exciting fight and he was an exciting fighter and it made for a good fight.”  

Pickett showed improved wrestling ability which played a huge role in his fight against Johnson.  Pickett pulled off slams that would have even left Matt Hughes applauding his efforts.  “When you mix wrestling with punching, I’ve gotten good at that and that’s what makes a difference.”  

One of the last and certainly most memorable slams performed by Pickett is what totally dislocated his shoulder.  “I picked him up on my shoulder and I slammed him really hard and I came down with all of my body force and it just separated my shoulder.”  When asked what he thought of the slam Pickett simply answered “It looked really good on camera.”  

Brad’s next bout takes place at WEC 50 on August 18th.  His opponent is top bantamweight contender Scott Jorgensen.  Jorgensen has impressive fight wins and a stiff wrestling pedigree under his belt.    Brad sees this fight as a great opportunity stating “Only good things can happen from me beating Scott Jorgensen.  I believe the pressure is more on him.”

When Pickett was asked how he thinks the fight will go he had several scenarios to suggest.  “If I knock him out in 10 seconds amazing, if he walks into the cage trips and knocks himself out amazing, if I just manage to get a decision after a three round war amazing.”

Pickett feels that Jorgensen’s wrestling ability could make a difference in the fight and could possibly slow down the fight, but as always Brad looks to finish and finish in exciting fashion.  However Pickett has shown signs of his experience with a slight adjustment to his style.  His last bout was a perfect example of staying exciting while being more careful with how the fight unfolds.  

When asked about his more calculated style Brad was very open.  “Yea it comes with age, you learn when to relax in the fight but no matter how fit you are you can’t go all out for fifteen minutes.  You need to learn when you need to put the pressure on and when you’re winning or losing the fight.”

Pickett is certainly excited to go out there and “have fun” as he calls it.  Scott Jorgensen is in a top position in the weight class but Brad is prepared for any situation.  With many fans giving the nod to Jorgensen, Brad responded perfectly “I’ve prepared myself for anything, the cage is a very strange place, sometimes what you think might happen never does.”