Raw Thoughts: A Complete Waste of Time?

RiZESenior Writer IAugust 16, 2010

Watching the August 16th edition of Monday Night RAW, one question came to my mind during Randy Orton's entrance for his match against Nexus member Justin Gabriel: Whats the point?!

Super Cena once again beat all odds last night at SummerSlam, and now all the Nexus members were in matches against the members of Team WWE. Wade stated that if any of them lost, they would be exiled, but the whole show was very predictable. As soon as The Viper entered as Gabriel's surprise opponent, I knew Sheamus was going to interfere and Orton would be counted out. 

I was exactly right. I also predicted Orton was going to leave Sheamus and Gabriel laying, and he clearly did just that. WWE Creative did one thing tonight that didn't surprise me, and that was to have a Divas match, which, like ALL the other matches, was predictable. When Darren Young volunteered to fight Cena, I automatically predicted he would be the only to lose and would get the usual Nexus beatdown, which by the way, was so boring I fell asleep before Gabriel did the 450. Daniel Bryan had a nice showing against Michael Tarver earlier, despite the Miz getting involved (something I also predicted would happen) and doing the weakest finisher in the WWE right now the Skull Crushing Finale. Way to continue the feud, WWE. I could have sworn Alex Riley won a competition last week to have some time on RAW. Jumping Daniel Bryan three-to-one in about a minute's time definitely isn't worth winning a meaningless competition.

Back to the Team WWE. Once again John Morrison jobs to a guy who has absolutely no ring ability except for a DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE. Wow, that would catch the audience's attention... not. Creative missed a golden opportunity here, JoMo could've lost the match and turned on R-Truth afterward so the Shaman of Sexy could regain his place in Palace of Wisdom, but no, he jobs again. Wasted talent. Honestly, send him back to SmackDown!, because you're just ruining him on RAW.

So, the whole of RAW was about Nexus being so "powerful," but the two best in the group still fell to Super Cena last night. So, again I ask: What's the point?? WWE could have broken the Nexus down to four, because these weekly attacks for a "higher purpose" is honestly getting very old. So, what's next for the Nexus? The next pay-per-view features all championship matches. Where do they fit in there??? Oh, yeah speaking of champions, The Hart Dynasty are now known as the WWE Tag Team champions and were awarded two bronze titles that honestly look like cheap versions of the Attitude Era WWE title.

Anyone else think WWE could have made this week's RAW a little less predictable?