"Cody", Episode 7, "I'm a Playa Pimp"

RKO's Priceless Numba1Fan aka Dashing Marina MtzCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

Today was the day. Today was the day Cody had been waiting for. TODAY WAS THE DAY THE SUPERSTAR SUPERLATIVES' RESULTS ARE OUT. Cody had spent a good amount of time campaigning for some categories. At exactly 7:41 a.m on Monday, Cody awoke, put on an acne face mask and checked out WWE.com.

Cody: C'mon, c'mon...

And he clicked with ferocity (but not too much ferocity, because he just got a manicure yesterday)!

Cody: YES! Let's see who voted for me...

It had showed that Cody had won for Most Handsome and for Most Conceited.

Cody: What?! The Bellas said they were gonna vote for me! Hmm, Maryse voted for me? Interesting.....Alicia, Jillian...but Kelly didn't vote for me. *sigh*

Then, someone knocked on Cody's hotel door...

Cody: What? Oh, um hi!

Randy: Hey congrats on winning! *gives hug*

Cody: Thanks a lot. I figured me and you weren't tight anymore.

Randy: Dude are you serious? I needed some practice for my character.

Cody: Right...

Randy: Anyway, me, Ted, Santino, Oleg, Sheamus, and John were going to Hooters tonight, and I was wondering if you wanted to come.

Cody: Yeah sure, that'll be cool.

Randy: Just like the old times! *smacks back*

Everyone knows about GTL I presume? Well, Cody went out and got some GFT. Gym, Facial, and Tan. At the gym, a beautiful fan came up to Cody and talked to him.

Cody: 29...30!

Fan: Um, excuse me?

Cody: Oh, hey.

Fan: I don't mean to sound like a dork, but can I get your autograph?

Cody: *thinks and looks up and down* Mmm, damn...I'll give you my autograph, and somethin' else girl...

Fan: *waves hand in face* Hello? Can I?

Cody: *shakes head* Oh, oh ya for sure!

Fan: *squeals* Yay!

Cody: Here you are.

Fan: Wait? Is this your number?

Cody: Yep, don't give it out, or i'll kill you.

Fan: Ok, I won't , I promise!

Cody: I didn't get your name.

Fan: OH! I'm Nicole.

Cody: Hmm...Nicole...nice...*walks away*

Nicole: I'll call you! *giggles*

Soon after, Cody goes for a facial and tan, but a certain someone kept antogonizing him when he was getting a facial.

Owner: Hello, welcome to Miami Spa, what would you like today?

Cody: I'll have a Gold Leaf mask.

Owner: Sit down in this chair, and I'll have one of my employees come now.

Cody: *sits and sighs*

Chinmay: Wow. You actually get facials! THAT IS TOO FUNNY! *cracks up*

Cody: Yeah, haha, c'mon let's get this over with.

Chinmay: Seriously, this is too good! *continues laughing*

Cody: Can you just hurry up and put the damn mask on?

Chinmay: Oh yeah, Mr. Rhodes, sure thing! *continues laughing*

Cody: Really? This is so mature of you.

Chinmay: At...least...I don't get facials! *laughs hysterically*


Chinmay: Ok, ok, calm down bro! *snickers and puts mask on*

Cody: *sighs*

After that little encounter, Cody went out for some F and got some light T in. Beforehe knew it, he got a call from Nicole.

Nicole: Hello?

Cody: Who's this? If this is another prank call about a goat, I will flip out!

Nicole: *giggles* Haha, no, this is Nicole, from the gym?

Cody: Oh right.

Nicole: What are you doing later?

Cody: I'm actually going to busy tonight, but any other night would be so good. *licks lips*

Nicole: How about Saturday?

Cody: How about Friday?

Nicole: Even better!

Cody: It's on, then.

Nicole: See you Friday!

Cody: Oh, yes, we will.

As Cody was getting ready for Hooters, he just kept thinking about Friday night. What he was planning made him smile. From Ear to Ear. A couple hours later, Cody jumped in his car and headed to Hooters down the block from his hotel.

Randy: Codeman! You made it!

Cody: Wouldn't miss this for the world!

Santino: I still don't know why they call this place Hooters. Is there a lot of owls?

Randy: Ah, Santino you are too much.

Santino: Does everyone hoot? Do we have to hoot too? BECAUSE SANTINO MARELLA DOES NOT HOOT FOR NO ONE!

Ted: Except for that grenade last week! *snickers*

Santino: DiBazzazie! I told you to never mention that again!

Sheamus: That gurl was ugly, fella!

Vladimir: Ya!

Santino: *hangs head and sighs*

Cena: C'mon you guys. Give Santino a break! He was pretty drunk that day.

The guys finally made it inside after Cody fixed his hair 50 million times and Santino and Ted went back and forth for at least a good 15 minutes.

Waitress: Hello, welcome to Hooters! 7?

Randy: Yes.

Waitress: Right this way.

Ted: *whispers to Sheamus* I dare you to ask her if she wants to try some of your lucky charms.

Sheamus: What? You're crazy, fella!

Ted: Hehe. *smiles*

Waitress: I'm AmberLee, and I'll be your waitress tonight. Can I start you guys off with drinks or appetizers?

Randy: I'll have a Bud Light.

Cena: I'll have a Dr. Pepper.

Santino: I'll have some...um...milk?

AmberLee: That's fine.

Vladimir: *inaudible due to his accent*

AmberLee: Excuse me?

Randy: He wants a Budweiser.

AmberLee: Oh ok, got it.

Sheamus: I'll have some O'Doul's, milady.

Cody: I'll have an iced tea.

Ted: and I'll also have a Bud Light.

AmberLee: Thanks guys, It'll be right out!

So as they drank their drinks and waited for their dinner, they talked casually at the table.

Ted: God, I love this place.

Randy: Easy there Teddy.

Sheamus: Ya, watch out there, fella!

Ted: *clears throat*

Cody: *looks over and thinks* Is that...Nicole? It is! She works here? Oh, hell yes!

Randy: Codeman, you looking at that fine chick over there?

Cody: Ya.

Cena: You should totally ask her out!

Cody: I kinda already did.

Ted: What?

Cody: I'm. That. Damn. Good.

Sheamus: *slaps Cody on the arm* Shut up!

Cody: Call her over here and ask her.

Ted: *whistles* Hey, you! Come over here!

Nicole: Can I hel...Cody?

Cody: Hey.

Nicole: I didn't know you were coming over here! *sits on lap and puts arm around shoulder*

Cody: Just hanging with my boys.

Nicole: No way! Randy Orton, John Cena, Ted DiBiase! *squeals*

Santino, Vladimir, & Sheamus: And me?

Nicole: And... Santino, Kozlov, & Sheamus!

Cody: Yep.

Nicole: Oh, I gotta go! I gotta table to seat! See you friday, Cody! *kisses cheek and gets up*

Ted: *checks out Nicole* Good God.

Randy: How did you get her, Cod?

Cody: I'm like a magnet, they all come to me.

All: *laughs*

After they finished eating, Randy came and talked to Cody in the parking lot.

Randy: Is this one a keeper?

Cody: Hell nah.

Randy: What? Why?

Cody: I'm just living by the the three F's for now.

Randy: 'The Three F's?'

Cody: Yea, Find, F**k, Forget.

Randy: You're damn cold-blooded, you know that?

Cody: I know. *pops collar*

Randy: Is that what your planning to do on Friday?

Cody: Eff Yea!

Randy: Good luck, Cody.

Cody: I won't need it.

So the week passed by and Friday came along...Cody drove up to Nicole's house, and seen she was wearing a slinky, tight gray dress.

Cody: *licks lips*

Nicole: Do I look OK?

Cody: Mmm...you look more than OK...

Nicole: So where are we going?

Cody: Unfortunately, I'm really tired from SmackDown (she thinks it's live) and I was just hoping we could have a quiet evening...in my hotel room...order a movie and eat popcorn?

Nicole: That sounds nice!

Cody: Well, let's go then!

So him and Nicole get into his car, and drives to his hotel, although they don't get out of the car just yet...Cody surprises Nicole in the parking lot.

Nicole: Is this your hotel? It's so big!

Cody: Ya, this is where i'm staying...all alone...

Nicole: Poor you...*touches shoulder*

Then, their eyes meet and the tension is unmistakable...Cody goes in for a kiss...and Nicole kisses him back!

Cody: Wow.

Nicole: Ya.

Cody kisses her again, and she responds intensely.

Nicole: Oh Cody...yes...

Cody: Mmm, yea...

Nicole: This...feels...feels so right...

Cody: You wanna go up to my room?

Oooh! What will happen? What will Nicole say? Will Vladimir Kozlov ever get rid of his accent? These questions will be answered in the next episode of "Cody"!