Caution: Northwestern Committee Sean Cotton Is Already on The Prowl

Mike PendletonCorrespondent IAugust 16, 2010

If I told you that one of the top recruits wasn't going to USC, Florida, Ohio St or any big name BCS school, but instead he committed to Northwestern would you believe me? You wouldn't have to believe me, just watch Walther Lutheran High School's Sean Cotton.

Cotton, a 6'2" 205-pound safety, wide receiver, and quarterback is simply the pure definition of a do-it-all player. When asked about his skills, Cotton didn't worry about the offensive side, it's all about protecting his house: "I think I'm a pretty good pass coverage safety but I can also come and play the run."

Many things will drive him to drive you back and put you on your rear end. What makes Cotton stand out is his drive and when asked about his drive Cotton simply said "What drives me is the mindset I have, which is to always be the best and that their someone out there working harder than me or working while I'm doing nothing. That pushes me to work harder and longer."

What can you say about a player who never wants to stop playing? The player who keeps his nose clean and just wants in the action, Cotton weighing in on his off the field activities: "Off the field I workout Monday through Friday with lifting, I also have conditioning and speed work during the week everyday. 4 days out of the week I do defensive back drills to work on my technique and footwork with my god brother, Clarence "Bo" Flowers who is starting at Illinois State."

The best collegiate players learn from the best pro players. That is even more true for Cotton who's game is like Steelers' safety Troy Polamalu. Always playing to his best but never giving less.

Before he committed to Northwestern, Cotton's top-five school choices were Oregon, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Iowa and his committed choice, Northwestern. Take note of the name Sean Cotton because he'll be rising to the top as a senior in high school making sure you look for him in the Northwestern Wildcat purple beginning in the year 2011.