Francisco Rodriguez: The Big Dark Cloud in Flushing

Norm MisrokContributor IAugust 16, 2010

It appears that the Big Dark Cloud that hovers over Citi Field has made another, more permanent showing.  The BDC is scientifically identified as "Wilpon."

The Francisco Rodriguez extravaganza continued today, Monday, August 16th, 2010, when it was announced the "K-Rod" will miss the remainder of the regular season, due to a torn ligament in his right thumb, that is attached to his right hand, or, the hand that made repeated physical contact with his fiance's father.  On the other hand, maybe Rodriguez's future father-in-law, well maybe not so future anymore, ran into Francisco's fist, repeatedly.  I believe that is the stance that the Major League Players' Association will take should the New York Mets attempt to void K-Rod's contract.  The Mets should have an open and shut case, in that K-Rod was injured in a non-baseball activity and if common sense is applied, which is not likely to happen, then the rest of his contract, including an extension, should be null and void.  Maybe the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, knew something everyone else did not.

The New York Mets' management continue to set up the franchise as the laughing stock of MLB.  I am not referring to the early days of the Mets, when Casey Stengel ruled the roost.  I am not referring to the days of Al Luplow, Don Bosch or Marv Throneberry.  I am not even referring to the days of Bobby "Can't Wipe the Smile off My Face" Bonilla, Vince Colemana or Bret Saberhagen.  

I am pinpointing the current version of the BDC, which has been here ever since Carlos "The Cupcake" Beltran was caught looking at the ungodly curveball Adam Wainwright threw in the 2006 LCS.  It was this one solitary incident that started the quick descent of the New York Mets into the abyss.  The 2006 LCS was similar to getting the opportunity to date Kim Kardashian, but ending up with Phyllis Diller. (No offense intended to either one.)

The 2010 season is far worse than the 2009 disaster, which made a MASH unit look empty.  Despite management's usual oversight in starting Gary Mathews, Jr. and Mike Jacobs over Angel Pagan and Ike Davis respectively, there were glimmers of hope with  Johann Santana healthy, Mike Pelfrey's indescribable start and the resurgence of David Wright, although you could fit the Grand Canyon between his spot in the batter's box and the plate.   Plus, Wright does not have an RBI for August.  Carlos Beltran returned, but he looks out of sorts, both in the field and at the plate.   He cannot move in centerfield and is not rotating his hips, in order to drive the ball.  Cupcake needs to take off the knee brace and man-up.  

I can go on and on in regard to what the causes are for the constant malfunctions of the New York Mets.  The simplest formula is that at this point only a few players may be considered "untouchable" and "cornerstones" of the team.  I said "may."  Everyone has a price, and it may, or may not be time for the core to be split.  It comes down to what the Wilpons decide to do with Omar and who they bring in for Jerry.  Remember, I do not blame Jerry for this.  He can only play with the cards that with which he was dealt.

Furthermore, if the Wilpons fail to address the issues that have hampered the New York Mets, 2011 and beyond......