Michelle Wie: Are You Kidding Me?

Todd ReillyCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

Pardon me if this offends anyone but what is Michelle Wie thinking playing with the men on the PGA Tour?

Wie has already tested her luck on several occasions, failing to make the cut every single time, but has she learnt anything yet? The answer is evidently no.

The youngster decided it would be best to skip the Women's British Open to play this week in the States.

Wie, or whoever is in charge of scheduling her tournaments, decided that a major championship was less of an importance than the Reno-Tahoe Open.

Is that a joke?

If it is, I don't get it, because once again the teenage golf star missed the cut... congratulations.

Wie, whose best finish in a major was second at the 2005 LPGA, has yet to develop into the golfer that everyone predicted her to be.

In fact, Wie has yet to win anything on the LPGA Tour or any tour for that matter, yet she think she can compete on the PGA Tour where the courses are longer and tougher.

I have nothing against the Wie or the LPGA Tour, I think its great showcase of golf but there is a reason the two associations exist.

Wie should focus on her women's game and stop worrying about playing with the men. She is still young and her career can be jump started but not on the PGA Tour.

However, if you want to allow crossovers onto the PGA Tour make sure the golfer has appropriate credentials. Isn't Michelle Wie a combined 0-33 with 13 missed cuts as a professional?