Summerslam Overview: Paparazzi Princess, Meet The Simply Flawless Ones

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Summerslam Overview: Paparazzi Princess, Meet The Simply Flawless Ones


Last week, Melina earned herself a shot at the Divas Championship in a decent little match. She seemed to have some ring rust in that match, but did the rust rub off tonight?

Alicia Fox is out first to a capacity crowd.

Her outfit is quite interesting. It's subtle with dark green and turquoise as the main colors. Many thought she resembled a tree, but I won't lie, I like it!

Next out is Melina to a huge pop from her hometown crowd. While Alicia's outfit is subdued, Melina's is big and extravagant! She looks like the Sun and the Amazon queen had a love-child. I quite like this, and props to Melina for going all-out at one of the 'Big Four' pay-per-views. She's known for going the extra mile on her outfits for the big shows, and tonight is no exception!

As the dust settles from Melina's exuberant entrance, the bell rings and the match is on.

The Divas first glare at each other before locking up. Mel' takes control by driving Alicia into the corner and the ref makes her break. The women again stare each other down before tying up once again. Alicia takes control this time, locking in a side headlock and flipping Melina over to the mat. The two slowly get up, and Melina powers Alicia to the ropes, again breaking.

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Alicia then quickly shoves Melina who takes offense to this, forearming the Foxy one twice and sending her to the parallel ropes. The former Women's and Divas Champion instead ends up there herself, coming back off the rebound with a sliding leg takedown on Alicia. She stealthily segues into a vicious curbstomp. Melina follows up with a shoulder block in the corner, signaling her hometown for a big ovation before hitting her patented jumping double-knee driver on Alicia.

Fox feigns an injury in the corner, trying to pull a fast one on everyone again, but when she charges at Mel' she's met with a nice flapjack maneuver. Melina hits Foxy in the face a few times before sending her to the corner. Alicia reverses and now Melina heads to the corner, using the ropes to bounce over an approaching Alicia.

Her offensive streak is cut short however, because as she lands on her feet she seems to have tweaked something. The ref asks her if she wants to continue and she, not surprisingly, goes on.

The Divas Champion takes advantage by going after Mel' with a clothesline. Melina ducks out of it with the matrix a tad too late, but goes on still with a kick to Alicia that sends her to the ring apron.

Melina tries going after her opponent but is yanked into the ring post for her efforts. Fox then hits a nicely placed kick on Melina's shoulder area. She quickly takes advantage, bringing the A-lister inside the ring to pound on her arm before locking in an armbar.

The crowd nicely riles Melina up, but as she fights back is stunted by a knee from Alicia. Foxy sends her to the corner next, finding a spinning back-kick to her gut when she tries to attack. Fox tries taking control again with a forearm, but the stealthy Melina smartly goes for a schoolgirl pin that garners her two.

She waits for Alicia, stalking her in a sense as to not aggravate her leg injury. When Alicia comes at her she hits her with a few forearms, being pushed to the ropes next and coming back with a dropkick.

Melina again waits for Alicia to get into the right positioning, letting out an ear-piercing scream when she is and hitting her double-knee driver on the middle ropes instead of the corner this time. She watches Fox, grabbing her and nailing a snapmare driver for the pin and the win!

After the match, Melina lets her victory sink in, even drawing tears. It's quite emotional, and as Josh Matthews prepares to interview Melina, LayCool's music plays.

Ruh-roh, something is about to go down!

Melina looks pretty pissed right about now, and then LayCool begins to talk. They congratulate Melina on her win, insulting her outfit afterwards. They say they've run all the Divas off of Smackdown, and that they want to share Melina's special moment.

They insult her once more, saying she has cellulite, before Michelle pulls out her phone to capture the moment for Twitter.

She gets ready to snap a photo of her bff Layla and the new champion, but Melina's not having any of it, shoving Layla off. Then Michelle decides to try and snap a pic with the A-lister, but the new champion grabs her hand and throws her to the mat.

Melina kicks and forearms Layla, then turning her sights to Michelle. She tackles and pounds Michelle in the corner before being pushed off herself. Layla latches on to her feet, helping Michelle boot Melina in the face. When Alicia tries joining in she's thrown out of the equation. Finally, the segment ends with Michelle kneeing Melina into the announcers table.

First off, let me give my thoughts on the match. Although it probably could've been better, I thought it was decent.

I really felt there was something off about this match, and I can't put my finger on what it was exactly. I just felt that there was no real direction in it, I guess. It was just a bunch of moves and spots thrown together to me. Still, it was pretty decent.

I think the fact that the crowd was hot for the entire match helped out a lot. I wish Alicia would've gotten more solid offense in, and I didn't like the way they ended it. I'm just always the type that likes big matches like these to be ended in big ways.

Still, there were no botches at all.

Melina looked like the pro she is (no more ring rust!), and everything they hit was smooth. Part of me wishes they would've done more with what they were given, but the other part of me thinks it was smart of them to take it slow. I wish they would've done more because this was a big match, but I'm glad they didn't go overboard because Melina could've been re-injured.

If you didn't notice, Melina tweaked her leg in the corner spot. That should clearly indicate that had they gone all-out, today we might be reading "Melina Injured Again" in the headlines.

So overall, good match with great crowd response. I'm not exactly thrilled that Melina won the title. I mean, I am definitely happy for her. 

I feel bad for Alicia. She only got to hold the title for two measly months. I thought she inserted some much-needed excitement into the title picture. She had the look, the persona, and the skills needed to be a credible champion, and for once someone was making the Divas Title belt mean something again. Having the title switch hands again WWE has taken it's credibility back a few notches.

Now the post-match segment was what really interested me.

LayCool, for whatever reason, basically beat the crap out of Melina. It immediately interested me in the new champion Melina, and if WWE is smart they'll continue this little angle between LayCool and Melina.

So many questions and possibilities arised from the attack, and I know I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

This angle could lead to the first inter-brand Divas feud we've ever seen in WWE.

We know Melina, Michelle, and Layla all have chemistry with each other, so their matches would surely be great, and it would be wise of WWE to use the recent tension between LayCool for a three-way feud down the line. Have them break up, maybe with Layla (who will obviously turn face) thinking she's becoming Michelle's lackey again?

All three have had matches with each other in the past, and all have been great, so a three-way feud is a nobrainer.

I know that's a bit advanced for WWE, but it would still be smart of them to do.

Aside from an inter-brand Divas feud, could the Women's and Diva's Titles be unified later on?

I think it would be great to unify the belts!

Right now there are only three active Diva wrestlers on Smackdown, so unifying the belts could lead to more varied matches. Maybe that's why WWE did the LayCool attack in the first place. Tiffany, as we know, is suspended. LayCool's already feuded with Kelly Kelly.

Maybe they had LayCool attack Melina to keep the Women's Division strong?

Or maybe WWE just doesn't want to have two women's matches at Night of Champions?

I think one last and unwanted possibility is that Divas tag team titles are introduced. Maybe Melina will find herself a partner to face

LayCool, even a returning Beth Phoenix perhaps? Then the Women's and Divas Titles could be vacated in favor of new women's tag team belts. I think this would be an utter and complete disaster, but leave it to WWE to do something of that nature. I highly doubt this will happen, but you never know!

I won't be surprised if this leads nowhere tonight on Raw, but I honestly think WWE would have to be pretty damn stupid not to keep this angle going.


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