Booking WWE: Introduction

Rex WilliamsContributor IAugust 16, 2010

Booking WWE: Introduction

Many criticise WWE for their poor booking and incorrect handling of their stars, but (and be honest) do you think you could do any better? If you do then, I think you underestimate the job of one of WWE's Creative Writer.

Writer's in WWE need to create storylines for 5 hours (exclude commercials) of programming and do that for 52 weeks of the year and that is without including PPV's and 3 hours specials. It is safe to say that the writer's have no easy journey.

To be understand a writer in the WWE, I will start a new set of articles entitled "Booking WWE" and will start booking what WWE should do (in my opinion) with the Nexus from Summerslam and moving forward.

So without further ado, click the link below for Part 1: