Booking WWE: Part One

Rex WilliamsContributor IAugust 16, 2010


Welcome to "Booking WWE: Part 1". This part will cover the August 16th, 23rd, and 30th editions of RAW, following the WWE Summerslam PPV.

Monday Night RAW - 16th August 2010

Team WWE start the show celebrating their victory at SS. John Cena says the usual stuff to get massive pops from the under 12's. All is well as Nexus seems to have completely disappeared. Or so they thought! Nexus, led by Wade Barrett, comes out. He congratulates them on the win (sarcastically), but reveals that Cena should be more concerned now that ever because someone within WWE has joined the Nexus.

Before Cena can say anything, the theme music speaks for itself. AWESOME! The Miz comes from behind the curtain and says that on Sunday, he was treated like dirt. He says Nexus is the future of WWE, just like him!

The Anonymous GM gives his input and announces another 7-on-7 Elimination match with Nexus (excluding The Miz) going against Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, The Hart Dynasty, JoMo and R-Truth. He also adds The Miz versus John Cena versus WWE Champion Sheamus in a triple threat match!

In the Elimination match, Team Nexus get a clean sweep to regain their heat. Later in the night, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan interfere in the Triple Threat match, attacking Sheamus and The Miz, respectively. Towards the end of the match, The Nexus walk down to the ring while Orton delivers an RKO to Sheamus.

John Cena now stands in the center of the ring as Nexus stand before him. Although, as he gets to his feet, Wade Barrett hits Sheamus with his finisher. Nexus leave the ring, without touching Cena, before the GM sends in another email. He announces Wade Barrett will get a chance to win back the championship match he was given when he won NXT, but only if he defeats Randy Orton without the help of Nexus next week!

Monday Night RAW - 23rd August 2010

This week on RAW, Nexus have little involvement as a group, but The Miz is scheduled for singles action against Daniel Bryan! The Miz, with Nexus, walks out to the ring, but is wearing a sling. He says that he cannot compete tonight after Bryan injured him last week. He goes on to say that he will give him Darren Young instead!

Daniel Bryan defeats Darren Young (easily). As he celebrates, The Miz removes the sling and hits Bryan with the MITB briefcase. The GM then pops up (with his amazingly fast typing) and says that his doctor confirmed he isn't injured at all. He announces that at Night of Champions, The Miz will defend his United States Championship against Daniel Bryan.

The main event between Barrett and Orton is being watched by Sheamus on commentary and Nexus on the ramp. Towards the end of the match, Sheamus decides to have an input, so he gets up on the apron. As the referee is distracted, Orton hit the Inverted Headlock Backbreaker and has the cover. Orton jumps up and gets face-to-face with Sheamus. He then drags Sheamus into the Rope Hung DDT.

As Orton turns around, Wade Barrett is waiting and hits his finisher before picking up the win. He celebrates, but not before the GM sends in another email and confirms that next week's (RAW's 900th episode) would feature Sheamus and Orton in a No Disqualifications match for the WWE Championship.

Wade Barrett quickly gets on the mic and says regardless of the champion, come Night of Champions, they will have to defend it against him as he is invoking his title match! The GM sends another quick as lightning e-mail, saying that he should worry about next week when he will take on the American Dragon, Daniel Bryan, with Nexus banned from ringside in both matches!

Monday Night RAW's 900th Episode Special - 30th August 2010

As announced last week, Wade Barrett takes on Daniel Bryan. They have a good back and forth match, with The Miz sitting on commentary. During the match, though, Barrett realises the challenge he has on his hands and bails out of the ring, resulting in him being counted out.

While Bryan looks towards the ramp at Barrett walking up the ramp, The Miz enters the ring, but as he swings with the briefcase, Bryan catches him with a drop kick and then locks in the crossface with Miz tapping out. Bryan releases the hold and raises the US title above his head in anticipation for their match in under three weeks.

The night moves on and in the main event, Orton defeats Sheamus to become the new WWE Champion! Wade Barrett is on the ramp and stares down at Orton.


Next time.. On "Booking WWE: Part 2"

Will Miz attempt to get revenge on Daniel Bryan?

How will Sheamus react to losing the WWE Championship?

And what will Wade Barrett say about the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton?

All these questions will be answered in Part 2, where the "booking team" will cover the next two editions of RAW and the Night of Champions PPV. As for now, feedback is always welcome in the comment section below. Both positive and negative comments are encouraged!