Commissioner Goodell Has A Bleak Future

Jimmy MajewskiCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2008

     In my first article writing for bleacher report I would like us to to take a look at how lost the NFL commissioner really is. As we have known, since the great Paul Tagliabue retired, Roger Goodell has made a name for himself.
     It started off with the cracking down on Pacman Jones, then of the Tennessee Titans, by suspending him for a whole year. It later went on to move to him suspending Chris Henry, then a wide receiver for the Cincinatti Bengals for 8 games due to his troubles. 
     Then the Michael Vick story came out and he had to deal with that, and did a pretty good job of handling the situation. But as it is coming out now, commissioner goodell is lost in what his job really means. We all know what is going on with the Brett Favre situation. 
     There have been multiple articles wrote upon that topic, so the opinion in this article will not be based upon whether Favre should come back. Goodell has said in the past that he wants the situation to get resolved as quickly and cleanly as possible. Well I don't know if he hasn't noticed, but there is no way that is going to happen. 
     Goodell has said that he wants the situation resolved by Monday, August 4th. And according to, this is what he had to say about the situation. "I think the discussions are moving ahead and I hope we have something resolved by Monday. I think we've gotten to the point where we kind of have to force it."
     What no one is saying is that he does not belong at all in this situation for multiple reasons. The first reason being: he is the NFL Commissioner, which means that he represents the group of Owners, not the players.
     And in this case, with only about 5 teams having a legitimate shot at landing Favre, Goodell still should not be involved. Especially if the Packers feel that they are not getting what is deserved compensation wise for Brett Favre, because Goodell is the commissioner. He should be doing this that are better for the organizations of the football league, not what is best for Brett Favre.
     I have one question during this whole Brett Favre saga, where the hell is Gene Upshaw? Gene Upshaw is the head of the NFL Players Association , this is HIS battle, not Goodell's to step in and force the Packers hand.
     But that is a whole other story regarding Upshaw, as many players have felt he hasn't lived up to what they expected by being head of the NFLPA. In fact, recently there has been a movement to try and get him removed from the job, led by Baltimore Raven kicker Matt Stover, and NFLPA representative Kevin Mawae.
     Roger Goodell needs to remember who he is representing. I realize that you could make the argument that the situation is making the NFL look bad, but it really isn't. Here's another question to think about.
     Is what the Packers are doing right now to Favre (Stringing him along while they make a decision) any different than the things Brett Favre has been doing to them for the past four years? No, it isn't. Why didn't Commissioner Goodell step in then?
     Which leads me to my next point. The reason being obviously is because he is Brett Favre. But that could get Roger Goodell into a whole heap of trouble. If he does wind up forcing the Packers hand, he might just open up Pandora's box.
      If he forces the Packers to make a trade for less compensation than they were searching for in a deal, that would be awful for the league. What it would say, would be that if you don't want to play for a team anymore, just go to Commissioner Goodell like Favre did, and he'll make it work for you.
      Brett Favre doesn't want to play in Green Bay, just face the facts. Why else would he be talking to other representatives from teams during the off-season? Why else would he have retired early? I don't buy that he changed his mind, I think he wanted to play somewhere else and may have had this planned all along to get his way.
      But that's not hear or there in this article. Back to the basics, if he does force the Packers hand, it will send a shock wave through football. You will see many angry players from the likes of Chad Johnson, and Jason Taylor. Both wanted out of their franchises weeks before the draft.
      Yet, only Jason Taylor has been dealt to a different team, and that was because the Redskins upped their offer because their starting defensive end injured himself the first day of camp. And Taylor had only gotten dealt a week and a half ago.
      That's a span of almost 4 months that he had to wait before getting a deal done, and had the Redskins not flinched, he would still be wearing Dolphin colors. Chad Johnson is still a Cincinnati Bengal, now taking back that he wanted to be traded all along.
      But when he makes this soap opera like run saying how he doesn't want to be there anymore, like he did four or five months ago, you know he still wants out. These are two superstar players, just like Brett Favre.
      So how come Commissioner Goodell never stepped in and forced the teams hand? If Roger Goodell forces the Packers to make a move, it will be devastating to the Owners, who Goodell represents because then they will have to deal with more disgruntled players who want out, every single season if things do not go well.
      Roger Goodell has not been quiet during this whole Brett Favre situation, the best thing he should do right now is to lock himself in his house until the situation gets settled. 
      If he meddles around with this soap opera surrounding Green Bay anymore, the NFL Owners might just make a leap to have him removed as commish.