SummerSlam Surprise: The 7th Member of Team WWE. *Spoilers*

Ben GartlandAnalyst IIAugust 15, 2010

Everyone quiet down because the Awesomeness is about to speak.

Daniel Bryan was just announced as the seventh member of Team WWE at SummerSlam.

Out of all the people who i thought would become the 7th member (Rock, Stone Cold, Triple H) Daniel Bryan was close to the bottom. He wasn't the last one on my list due to rumblings across the hopeful IWC that he would make a return after his firing.

I was ecstatically surprised when Cena announced Bryan as the seventh member, i literally jumped out of my seat and started cheering. WWE threw us a huge curveball here. 

There are some questions to be answered though. Was his firing back in May legit, or was it a work like many of the IWC suggested?

I don't think it was a work, i think they actually fired him, realized their mistake, and hired him back. I don't really care because he's back, he's awesome, and that's all that matters.

I predict a feud with the Miz for either the U.S title, or the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Oh yeah, the Undertaker is also back. Rest in Peace Kane.


~The Awesomeness has Spoken