BCS Championship Game: Giving Some Love to the BCS...Sort Of

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BCS Championship Game: Giving Some Love to the BCS...Sort Of
So the BCS has finally met its match.

There's no way the system can make sense of the current college football landscape. However the bowl picture shakes out, some worthy teams are going to get left out in the cold.

But that doesn't mean a playoff system would be better for the college game.

As it stands, the sports world is going to spend an NFL Sunday talking about college football. The subject is bound to come up even during the telecasts of NFL games.

If there were an eight-team playoff, on the other hand, the buzz would be nonexistent.

Saturday's WVU-Pitt game wouldn't have mattered under a different postseason format. Kansas and Georgia wouldn't have benefited from missing their conference championship games, waving to Missouri and Tennessee as they jumped them in the polls.

Let's face it—the nature of the BCS kept us riveted until 3:15 AM Eastern time this morning. A playoff might produce better results—but with a fraction of the excitement and intrigue.

Yes, some teams are going to miss out on the party. But as far as I can tell, every team except for one—Hawaii—has had a chance and blown it.

That said, I'm all for a plus-one postseason system...if only to prolong the drama for another month.

Icon Sports MediaAnd for now, I can still pull for the one result that would blow the entire system to pieces.

Like it or not, the computers are going to LOVE Virginia Tech. As of noon Sunday, only the Sagarin poll has been published—with Virginia Tech and LSU at Nos. 1 and 2.

If the other computers follow suit and the voters keep the Hokies ahead of the Tigers, the SEC would be enraged to the point of possibly pulling out of the BCS altogether.

Then we would have quite the BC-Mess.

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