SummerSlam: Will We Get Shock Value or a Let Down?

Jeff TerryContributor IAugust 15, 2010

   Looking at the card you wouldn't think this was Summerslam. On paper this card doesn't look really impressive at all. Pretty much a 3 match card with rest being fillers. So I think the Nexus vs Team WWE has to have a big shock in it. A returning Triple H, The Miz joining Nexus and the popularly discussed Cena Heel turn.

  Edge and Jericho turning would be too blatant obvious. Plus WWE has pretty much protected the Nexus. Come Summerslam they must step up or we could see a new episode of Botchamania centered around this match. I think Nexus has to win this match and continue this storyline. But a Cena heel turn seems pretty much out the question. I just don't think WWE has the guts to attempt something like this. Which is a shame but it is just true. Now Bret Hart turning heel would be pretty much pointless and out of left field. But that could be the route and I really don't see why they would do that.

  Tonight I think WWE needs to drop a bombshell on us. Undertaker returning seems like a given already maybe we will see more than 1 return tonight. Maybe we find out who the real leader of the Nexus is. And Maybe we find out if Nexus can take it to the  next level.