Brian Westbrook to the St. Louis Rams?

Jim ReedContributor IAugust 14, 2010

So...recent reports have indicated that Brain Westbrook has been taking to the Rams.

Per "Brian Westbrook hasn't made any decision yet and hasn't told any teams he has made up his mind according to several sources."

The Rams would be a nice place for Westy to land for a few reasons.

The Rams don’t have a flashy back. Steven Jackson is a pounder. He has proved that he can catch but when he does he always wants to run in a straight line to punish the defenders. He is best as a first and third back.


Westbrook would add another dimension to their offense. Not only his abily to run would help, but his ability to catch and run would be tremendous for the Rams. His ability to get open and juke defenders in the open field will cause fits for the opposing team. Add him with Jackson and you have the one-two running back punch that the Rams have been looking for over the past few years.