NFL technology reaches High School sports

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NFL technology reaches High School sports

OK. I admit I'm old... I have been trying to hold on to my youth, but it is clear I am getting 'long in the tooth.' Technology seems to be passing me by with iPads, iPhones, Androids and so on. But, I never thought technology would change how I coach and administrate the game.

I spent some time with a good friend of mine from this weekend and we decided to talk football X & O's. His everyday preparation involves a heavy dose of technology, of which before this past weekend, I was oblivious to these types of advancements.

I went to the chalkboard and explained why the Wing-T and Spread were the best offensive systems for high school football. Proud of my work, I turned and said, "Well, how do you stop that!" He spends his time on defense, so I was curious as to what he would pull out of his hat.

Well, he pulled out his laptop... turned on a projector... activated a wireless card... and began to draw on the same chalkboard with a 'pen.' I quickly told him he needed to diagram his thoughts on stopping the Wing-T and he replied, "Oh, I will!"

This was my first exposure to a new system called Hudl, which is taking over pro, college and high school sports.

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