Starlin Castro: The Savior of the Cubs Franchise?

Evan MasseyCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2010

As I was watching the Cubs series with the San Francisco Giants this past week, I really was impressed with the way Castro carried himself both at the plate and at shortstop, and came away feeling that the expectations of him becoming a superstar and saving the Cubs in the future very well could be true,

Unlike most young players, he doesn't try to rush to get a hit; he's very patient. His average is still above .300 and the reason is that he doesn't flail at every single pitch that comes his way. He has decent power, but another thing that really helps his average is that he doesn't try to swing for the fences. While that also means he doesn't hit many out of the park, it means he gets on base a lot more.

The last thing he has as a young player  is his clutch factor. Many young players can't hit in the clutch because their nerves get a hold of them. Castro on the other hand, is money in the clutch. Just one example would be in the Giants series, the Cubs had the bases loaded with two outs, and Castro hit a grounder for a base hit up the middle and drove in two runs, that's something that he has now, that will just continue to get better.

As for fielding, he's made a couple amazing plays already in his young career. Once again, in that second game of the Giants series, Pat Burrell hit a hard line drive up the middle that looked to be a sure base-hit, and Castro took three steps, dove, caught it, and ended the inning. He doesn't rush things fielding either, he just slows himself down and makes the play, and that's what I really love about this guy.

So all that being said, do you guys think Starlin Castro will end up being a superstar saviour for the Cubs' franchise? We need someone badly, and it looks like we very well might have found him. Especially building around him and Tyler Colvin shows a very bright future for the Chicago Cubs. What do you guys think?