Oakland Raiders: An Apology

Salvatore MigliaroContributor IAugust 14, 2010

The previous article I wrote titled "Oakland Raiders: No, Not Football" got more controversy than I wanted.

The goal was to get the opposing writers to get their friends and get some publicity, and they would read my other stuff maybe catching an eye or two. 

I was a little harsh, but for reasons of my own. I apologize for calling the subject idiots and "Derder's" 

I'm sorry if you don't like the tone you get from my article, but the tone was realistic. Neither Optimistic, nor Pessimistic.

I am not sorry for writing an article showing the faults of the Oakland Raiders Organization rather than the highlights.

I am not sorry if I offended anybody with my honesty and realistic look at the Oakland Raiders football team.

Accept my apology or not.

If you don't, sorry.