Top Five Hottest Dodger Wives, Girlfriends & Ex's of The Past Five Years

Todd BoldizsarAnalyst IAugust 14, 2010

Top Five Hottest Dodger Wives, Girlfriends & Ex's of The Past Five Years

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    As the Dodgers' season appears to be slowly fading into a dismal abyss of disappointments and shortcomings, a welcomed break to the negativity is...well...the hot significant others of current and former Dodgers. 

    While the Dodgers may be in disarray, one thing they have going for them is gorgeous women by their side cheering them up. Check out these shots of Dodgers wives, girlfriends, and ex's past and present.

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5. Zena Foster

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    Matt Kemp is linked to two girls on this list, including his ex-girlfriend and music video background dancer Zena Foster. The two split in 2009, but I'm sure both Zena and Matt will be just fine. Zena has appeared in several rap videos for artists including: Nelly, Usher and Snoop Dogg, and also appeared in a video for Christina Aguilera

    There have been several, highly-publicized rumors about a fiasco behind the scenes at the 2009 ESPYS involving a tipsy Kemp and a wardrobe malfunction by Zena, at the hands of Kemp.

4. Juliana Ramirez

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    Manny Ramirez may not be the most popular man in Hollywood, but his wife certainly scores some points. Manny discovered the Brazilian beauty while she was working out in a Bally's Fitness® center. That situation seems perfect for Manny; she's never heard of baseball and he could stretch out his aging hamstrings without anyone noticing him staring.

    Here are some more Images for Juliana Ramirez

3. Rihanna

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    Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

    Another highly-publicized Matt Kemp relationship, but so far this one is sticking. The Dodgers' center-fielder first surfaced with the siren in a series of candid photos while the two were on a getaway. The two have been spotted on yachts, at sporting events, and award ceremonies. 

    Rihanna is certainly high-profile, and Kemp seems to fit the bill perfectly. Here is the link to more images for Rihanna on Google, enjoy.

2. Marikym Hervieux

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    Maybe Russell Martin will use his time on the disabled list to learn how to pronounce his girlfriend's name. Marikym Hervieux (Yes, I copy/pasted her name to this slide) is a French-Canadian model. Believe it or not, that gives the couple something in common. Russell's mother is also French-Canadian (His father is African-American).

    According to sources, Martin admits Marikym calms him down when it comes to thinking about his career. Hmm...I wonder why...

1. Alyssa Milano

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    Mark Von Holden/Getty Images

    Ok, I admittedly bent the rules just a tad for this one. Alyssa Milano dated former Dodgers pitcher Brad Penny for nearly a year in 2005, but I'm not sure their "official" date. If it was later this year, it would still fit inside the five-year mark. However, after my last countdown article got so much attention for leaving her out, I figured I would appease the masses while bowing politely. 

    Alyssa is an avid Dodgers fan and has even written a few articles on the team. Here are her photos: Images for Alyssa Milano.

Add Your Own: Lisa Dergan Podsednik

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    This "Add Your Own" slide courtesy of another Dodgers Featured Columnist here on Bleacher Report. Lisa Dergan Podsednik is newly acquired Dodgers left fielder Scott Podsednik's wife. She is a Playboy
     model and media personality. Nicely done, Scott.