Landry Fields and I Just Became Best Friends

Josh TargeContributor IAugust 13, 2010

Landry Fields just instantly became my favorite basketball player. Actually, I really enjoyed his college game and he played really good for the Summer League Knicks in Vegas, so technically i liked him alot prior to this event.

I discovered his twitter account on some Knicks blog around the time he was drafted and obviously i followed him immediately after the Knicks selected him, because that's what I do.

So I tweeted my man Landry a couple of times in the past two months, nothing serious, just some words of encouragement and responses to what he tweeted here and there. So earlier today I read that the Knicks first selection in last June's draft was signed to a contract. However,Landry's contract had not been announced and his tweet from today said -

So I was all like -
And then that's when it happened. Landry became my new favorite basketball player by
replying -
Not yet buddy. Buddy? I started giggling like a little school girl with a smile a mile wide. Did an NBA player just recognize me on a public platform like Twitter? You bet he did. I don't mean to sound like a loser with all this, but it is pretty awesome. I could't let my man Landry just get in a not yet buddy. I needed more, its like an addiction now. So i wrote back to my new basketball Tebow -
Obviously what I wrote was funny, I'm a funny guy. Plus I had to make Landry want to talk to me again in the future. And he did, obviously -
Don't Even Trip. Oh, I'm trippin Landry we just became best friends.