Kids Column: Disloyal Lions, Concussions, and Torn ACL's, OH MY!

Marivi Howell-ArzaCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2010

Judging by this headline, the game did not go so well on wednesday. It was Chicago Red Stars vs. Philadelphia Independence, the final score being 2-1: Philly.

Here are our losses in chronological order(Yes, there were that many losses to report):

  1. Kosovare Asllani left her team. I liked her. Now, to me, she is not just a disloyal lion, but a cowardly one. She and the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz would make a perfect couple. I wish her all the best in Sweden. :/
  2. Karen Carney caught the flu. Not good and also resulted in no playing time.
  3. Kate Markgraf became concussed, which I correctly predicted (it was confirmed by the coach that it was a concussion) as she was dizzily escorted off the field.
  4. Julianne Sitch tore her ACL. That could potentially be career ending. I wish her an easy and speedy recovery.
  5. And, last but not least, the game.

And on another note, the one goal that was scored was by Ella Masar: a beautiful header straight into the goal. I just thought I should mention that.

That's the game. End of story.