Impact Feedback: The Whole F'n Bore

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Impact Feedback: The Whole F'n Bore

Last week, we witnessed one of the worst matches to come out of the Knockouts since that terrible match between Jenna Morasca and Sharmell. This week, Angelina goes up against Madison for the Knockouts Title. Yes, it's random, but this is TNA we're talking about.

So did the hellacious blonde capture the belt? Or did Madison continue to "Rayne"?

Angelina's out first, and girl done went and meshed two outfits from Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus together! That's a major no-no, and I question why she didn't just stick to her own style. It worked for her on so many levels, so why the sudden change?

I know many don't think an outfit means anything in the grand scheme of things, but it does. Much like a wrestler's entrance music, their attire represents their character. It represents who they are and what they're about, and this doesn't exactly scream "Angelina Love!" to me. I like it, don't get me wrong, I just don't like it for her.

As I get over Angelina's wardrobe, the Knockouts Champion makes her way to the ring. See that? The outfit perfectly embodies who she is, down to the crappy extensions! She's a trashy girl who thinks she's the hottest thing around. Is the connection between an outfit and a wrestler really so hard to understand? Ok, getting over it now.

Moving on, Madison tries using the ref as a shield between her and an irritated Angelina.

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As the bell rings, Madison takes full advantage by clocking Angie in the face. Madison pounds Angelina in the back a few times, going for a clothesline, but ends up being trapped and forearmed instead.

Angelina keeps pounding away and after sending Madison to a corner, ends up there herself. As Maddie runs at her, however, she plants a boot to the champ's face. She tries planting two boots this time, but Rayne catches her feet, throws them in between the ropes, and slams Angelina's back to the mat by her hair.

The champion goes on to continually ram Love's head into the mat, stopping only to yelp "Shut up!" at the referee.

She goes for a pin and only receives two. Madison locks in a front facelock, and as Angelina tries fighting back, Madison rams her knee into Angie's stomach repeatedly before hitting a neckbreaker. Instead of going for the pin, Madison locks Angelina's head between Madison's legs, segueing into her patented push-up facebuster.

Madison goes for the win, but no dice.

She tries going for it again, and this time, TNA gives us a camera shot of her ass. Classy, TNA, very classy.

Madison takes time to scream at the ref and is hit with a shoulder jawbreaker from Angelina on the return. Love goes on to drive Madison's back to the mat by her hair multiple times, then bounces off the ropes and comes back with a nice clothesline. Love finishes off with a bicycle kick, and just as she does, the mystery biker comes in.

I still don't know why everyone stops when this biker comes in. It's not like she's trying to interfere! Whatever, this is TNA, so I have to take what's given to me.

All eyes are on this mystery biker woman, and she then walks to the ringside. The ref yells at her to get out when, out of nowhere, the beautiful Velvet rams a chair into her back! That was nice!

Vel-Vel goes on to ask the mystery woman how dare she cost Velvet her title, before saying "This is it!" and going after her helmet.

Back in the ring, Madison uses the distraction to nail Angelina in the back with her belt.

Velvet rips the helmet off, but the mystery woman is wearing a mask! Oh God, are you serious, TNA?! Really?! Ugh.

Madison goes for the pin but Angelina gets her shoulder up right at the last second. The mystery woman kicks Velvet off, Madison yells at the ref, and finally Angelina reverses Madison's finisher into her own for the win.

The match wasn't that bad; it was just short. I've said it before and I will continue to say it again—they could've done more with it. Madison and Angelina's matches are always full of the exact same moves and spots.

It's boring, and it's obviously repetitive. I hope this is the end of their terrible, terrible feud, because I really can't imagine watching yet another one of their matches.

This mystery woman thing is utterly stupid on TNA's part. First of all, everyone already knows it's Tara. Secondly, the way she always interrupts the match is annoying. And third, what's the point anymore? The Beautiful People are already broken up, so why continue to have this woman masked?

My guess is that they're going to have this whole angle culminate by having a match where if one woman wins, the mystery woman must be unmasked. I hope they just make it for next week, because this is seriously getting boring now.

The only thing that excited me about the whole segment was Velvet. That chair shot was sick!

And a possible original Beautiful People reunion is quite exciting to think about, no?

TNA's main problem now is that they don't have enough female talent. So I suggest they have another tag team tournament. They could bring new tag teams from the Indies into their promotion, contracts and all, and the winners of the tournament would get a shot at the tag team belts. I'd go for eight different teams.

It's funny that TNA needs more talent now, because they once boasted the best all-around female roster in wrestling, at least in mainstream wrestling.

So there lies the problem—talent. All TNA has to do is bring it in.

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