Brady Quinn Tries to Beat Out Derek Anderson as Cleveland's Starting QB

Jacob WalkerCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

Brady Quinn has spent most of his off-season at the Browns facility study the playbook, films and talking to his coaches doing anything to get better and to become the starting quarterback for the Browns.

Derek Anderson has the starting job because of his Pro Bowl year last year, but he also was inconsistent at times, causing the Browns not to make the Playoffs last year. 


Derek Anderson's stats

  • 3787 Passing Yards
  • 29 Touchdowns
  • 19 Interceptions


Brady Quinn's Stats


  • 3 Completions
  • 8 Attempts 
  • 45 Yards
  • 0 Touchdowns
  • 0 Interception


Brady Quinn could have had a touchdown last year, but his wide receivers dropped key passes, two of which were in the endzone.

Derek Anderson has the starting job for now, but like last year when Charlie Frey got killed in the first game of the season and then got traded. The same could happen to Derek, with Brady waiting on the sidelines.

If the Browns don't make Brady Quinn the starting quarterback soon, the Browns decision to trade up and get Brady would be a waste of draft picks and he might leave and go to another team and possibly lead them to a Super Bowl.