O'Sullivan Contiunues To Make The 49er Quarterback Controversy Messy

Byron DeeterCorrespondent IAugust 2, 2008

It may be a high quality problem as problems go, but it's a real problem none the less -- J.T. O'Sullivan is looking dang good in camp!  The 49er organization has been clearly hoping that this would be the season for Alex Smith to really step up, take the team on his shoulders, and show the world that his first round draft pick and massive salary were a playoff-worthy investment. 

The good news is that Smith is already looking pretty sharp and seems ready to get back into the action this week against the Raiders.  The better news is that J.T. O'Sullivan looks even better.  O'Sullivan has been stepping into passes and hitting receivers all over the field with the form of a pro-bowler.   Although admittedly tough for us all to swallow, J.T. may be the right choice to get the 49ers into the win column early this season.

Could this kid with a scrappy UC Davis resume really take the first snap on opening day for such a storied franchise?  I doubt Nolan will let it happen. But the job is likely still going to be open during the season, so don't be surprised to see him under center if the Niners are still playing in January.