Is TNA Giving Us What We Want?

John KindelanAnalyst IIIAugust 13, 2010

TNA must be reading online sites, especially this one.

Last week, Hogan came out and talked about how its time to let the new guys shine, and old guys to step aside. The same thing everyone is talking about every time we see him come on screen.

Then this week we have some great matches, Angle vs. AJ was awesome, those two were outstanding in the ring together. The tag team match of MCMG vs. Beer Money was the best two out of three falls match, and possibly best tag match I have ever seen. They didn’t rely on gimmicks or anything, they just wrestled their hearts out.

The women’s match—eh, so, so. I still think TNA knockouts look like strippers. Hardy vs. Shannon Moore, it was okay. Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson vs. The Pope, Morgan stunk up that match and Anderson is trying to hard to be funny. No talking until the very end, and then 15 minutes of action that was certainly not PG. Tazz said it best, “Try and find this anywhere else on TV this week; you won’t.”

Then they have Reaction afterwards. Adam Kopp wrote a great article on here, Has TNA Found a New Formula For Wrestling? Great stuff, check it out.

But here’s a couple of issues I had, and a couple of things I thought were great.

Hogan comes out and congratulates RVD and says there’s no wonder why he’s on top.

He then calls out the EV2 gang, and have you noticed that every speech Hogan gives the EV2 guys it just comes across as though he’s patting himself on the back and surprised that they’re any good? “Tommy Dreamer and his band of misfits…” —um was that a compliment?

You could see it on their faces, Tommy looked like he was holding back a big “would you just shut up.” It’s a bit condescending to say well now that the mighty Hulk Hogan has said he approves, consider yourself real wrestlers.

THEN…the big shocker, Fortune is the “They.”

"They" proceed to beat the tar out of the ECW guys, totally destroying them. Cutting them open, basically turning their own tricks against them.

Abyss apparently murders RVD in the back by hitting him with Janice. I’m sorry, no one would survive that, they’d be filled with holes. And Flair, of all people, tells Dixie Carter it's all her fault.

If you go to watch the attack on the ECW guys on You Tube, watch where AJ hits Fonzie, the guy in the yellow jacket, with the stick. He hits him once, he falls down. He pretends to hit him a second time, but the stick never connects.

Now if you stuck around for Reaction, you heard the backstage conversation all about this between AJ and Kazarian talking about how they’re sick of Dixie Carter bringing in another “star” from “another company” and taking over the spotlight on their show.

“Does this look like some rat infested Bingo Hall? No, this is TNA. The house that AJ built!” ( I think I made a reference to bingo halls in my article)

Best line, however: “Ten years ago, yeah it was fun. When all the fat virgins were cheering for you in a bingo hall, yeah that’s good, yeah kendo sticks, high spots, yeah, it's 2010.

“Whatever they did 20 years ago, 10 years ago, however long ago it was, its child’s play today.”

Kaz, AJ, I agree.

Tommy Dreamer said they raised the bar again with Hardcore Justice. I’d say you lowered it. You resorted to backyard wrestling and gimmicks that kids are doing on YouTube. That’s hardly raising the bar. It would be like a car company saying, "Look, it’s the 1995 Dodge Neon…we just raised the bar."

So, essentially they acted out the words we’ve been saying, that we’re sick of bringing in all these guys and watering down what TNA was meant to be. "They" took our words and made an interesting storyline. They’re not just sending EV2 away, they actually found a way to end the story of the invasion, and figure out a way to keep the guys around, and pertinent at the same time.

How can we complain about the ECW guys being here when the TNA guys are saying they don’t want them their either and that’s the storyline? They have disarmed the Internet negativity. Hogan claims he’s stepping down and the TNA originals are sick of new guys.

Nicely played TNA, nicely played.