Lance Cade: R.I.P. WWE Superstar Lance "Cade" McNaught

Evan FeinCorrespondent IIAugust 13, 2010

Former WWE Superstar Lance K. McNaught has died at the age of 29. He was best known for his "hillbilly"  tag team theme with Trevor Murdoch. He was trained by Shawn Michaels and made his professional debut in 1999 after seeing some action in Japan.

After spending some time in OVW in 2003 where he formed a tag team with Mark Jindark, he was promoted to Raw later that year.

While in the WWE, Cade and Murdoch were in a very brief side storyline where they fought against Degeneration X. They were shown as a prominent tag team and a very real threat to beating the legendary duo. Cade and Murdoch eventually were defeated by the two in Street Fight ending the feud.

In 2008, Lance Cade formed an alliance with Chris Jericho with a new country singer gimmick. He played the part of Jericho's "enforcer" and helped Jericho cheat to win matches. In perhaps the biggest moment in his career, he pinned Shawn Michaels in a three on two handicap match.

He appeared ready for stardom, but his career was abruptly cut short and he was released. According to Jim Ross, it was in partly due to his "utilizing bad judgements." Little else is known about his release.

He did work on the independent circuits and Japan again, almost wrestling for the NWA North American Heavyweight Championship at one point,  before trying to make a brief comeback with the WWE.

However Lance McNaught died today due to heart failure. He is survived by his wife Tanya and daughter Laryssa. Unfortunately he never reached his full potential, but he will still be missed by the WWE universe.